RESTOMOD AIR was created because our custom car builders wanted more; more technology, more class, more quality, and more performance. Lets be honest, the car A/C system aftermarket has gotten lazy and has forgotten to put any thought into style. Mimicking the OEM with sub-par performance and with plain vanilla flavoring. This has caused many of the great custom car builders to hide the car A/C systems and parts, sacrificing both performance and looks. Not anymore…


Welcome to the world of the Haymaker and Vapir. Behind all the sleek and stylish looks of our vents, controls and bulkheads lies the heart of the high-performance custom car A/C systems that everyone is talking about. Both have ultra-high performance capabilities that are unmatched by any other custom car A/C system on the market. The Haymaker and Vapir systems are built around all of our best patent-pending innovations. If you want ultimate style and killer performance for your hot rod, street rod, classic or vintage car then look no further then Restomod Air.


The Haymaker is a full size car ac system and the Vapir is a compact car A/C system. Both are innovative marvels that you’ll need to experience to believe.


How To Select The Components For Your A/C System

    • original

      Vapir II Custom Air Conditioning System


      Pronounced like “Vapor”… but ours has an “i” because it’s so damn intelligent. Wait, it’s also more than intelligent… it’s compact, powerful, and looks pretty sweet to boot. You wouldn’t think an A/C system this compact could do so much cooling… while there is so much unique engineering in this little gem that it’s “devastating by design.” All that cooling goodness in a space saving package. And like our Haymaker system, it’s serviceable, high-tech, easy to install, and works with all our massively cool, totally custom, only available thru Restomod bulkheads, vents, and controls.

    • original

      Haymaker II Custom Air Conditioning System


      The final blow. The ultimate knock-out punch. In a boxing match it’s the best and most powerful closing statement you can make… and it’s also what we call our most kick-ass and take names air conditioning system. The Haymaker is the top, the most stylish, most powerful, and toughest system we have. Not only does the Haymaker feature an extra row of cooling and heating lines on our patented coils, but also a infinite speed fan and our exclusive DirectFlow evaporator design – which all adds up to you getting a better and more consistent airflow with the greatest range of temperatures.