Aftermarket AC Systems

Lets be honest, the aftermarket AC systems market has gotten lazy and has forgotten to put any thought into style. RESTOMOD AIR was created because our custom car builders wanted more; more technology, more class, more quality, and more performance. Mimicking the OEM with sub-par performance and with plain vanilla flavoring. This has caused many of the great custom car builders to hide the car A/C systems and parts, sacrificing both performance and looks. Not anymore.


We are the only true custom aftermarket a/c systems manufacturer that provide both ultimate style and killer performance to any pro touring build! No longer does your vintage or classic car’s aftermarket AC system need to take a back seat. Restomod Air has the ONLY premium line of complete custom aftermarket a/c systems and components that truly give your pro touring build cutting edge style with customizable options and high-performance cooling. Don’t fall for imported crap and outdated systems. RESTOMOD AIR WILL FREEZE YOUR ASS OFF!