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Marc Mullin aka @bloodsweatandbeard

Marc Mullin aka @bloodsweatandbeard got in a new Synister Quantum vertical bulkhead from Restomod Air. When speaking of Restomod Air Marc had said, “in all honestly the products by far exceed anything Vintage Air does. The style, the modern electronics are amazing. Plus the group of guys there are awesome.”

Like all of Restomod Air’s collections, our Synister custom aftermarket A/C bulkheads are the ultimate in performance, quality, design and style. If you’re building a ride that needs a more dark, sinister look, than look no further. We’ve opted for black anodizing to get a look and style that will last for years to come. These styles are exclusive to Restomod Air. Only here can you get the Synister A/C bulkheads that will make your ride stand out from the crowd!


Restomod Air 1963 F100

The 1963 F100 is coming along nicely. This truck feature our Haymaker 2 Bluetooth AC system that uses our Atmosphere app to control the system. This allows you to have no controls in the dash, but allows you to control your Restomod Air System with any mobile device. The F100 also has our Dual vent 8 vane Quantum vents in dash and our Velocity Vortex vent in the defrost. This ride will definitely freeze you out in the Texas heat.


Little Shop MFG Installs Restomod Air Quantum 8 vane in a Custom Dash

Little Shop MFG Building custom cars/trucks and components for over 10 years. Here is a picture of a Quantum 8 vane A/C vents for #theflyingbrick from Restomod Air and machined panel to fit the dash.

LS Serpentine Belt System

Our LS serpentine belt system include all of the necessary billet aluminum pulleys and stainless steel fasteners as well as high quality, name-brand components including:

Polished Edelbrock water pump

Polished Powermaster 140 amp alternator

Gates tensioner and six rib serpentine belt

Polished (or satin or black) Sanden A/C compressor

Maval P/S pump

Attached reservoir kits include a #6 AH fitting! ATI Harmonic balancer. 

We have Metal Balls, Do you?

Ultimate Style. Killer Performance. Our Quantum Series [vents] any color, any combo. Concave/Convex design. Precision CNC Machined 6061/T6 Aluminum Bezel and Ball, no cheap plastic here. With the new interchangeable all Metal ball your look is even more customizable.

Mike Losh with Restomod Air

Killer build by Mike Losh and his ride #boostedbertha with our Vapir II A/C system, RA-7 vents and Triq controller. @lonestarthrowdown 

Check out here on instagram.


MSN Auto gives their take on Restomod Air App, Atmosphere.

Everyone is noticing the innovation Restomod Air is creating. Our Vehicle Climate Control App Atmosphere was just featured on MSN Auto. Click here to see what they had to say about this revolutionary app brought to you by Restomod Air.

Restomod Air- Winged Skate Deck

Winged Skull Skate Deck. This deck is made of 7-ply maple hardwood and is made here in the USA. This technical sound deck has an industry standard shape with a size of 8”x32”. This deck was designed for that easy ride, chill person.


Warning: Skateboard is a dangerous sport and could result in serious injury or even death. Skate within your ability.


The Synister Slipstream Air Conditioning Control is break-thru in design and function. Ease of use and tactile feel are key features of the Slipstream. Comes with our exclusive mounting system so installation is fast and simple. The Slipstream is also designed with future upgradability so you’ll never be obsolete!



Do you have a self-esteem problem?  Well no worries my friend this wool blend snapback hat will make you feel like a million bucks, plus its cheaper than going to a head-doc to try to figure out your issues. This badboy is not some cheap ass hat.(we have those too if you like) This hat is made from the finest of sheep wool from remote parts of the world. We then blended it with the Restomod Air logo and adjustable strap for skinny to fat heads.  Trust us, this cap keeps you looking stylish for years to come.