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Swag Wagon Gets Membrane


Layin’ the Membrane… our P-10 swag wagon. Get your Membrane here.

Quantum Vents are Style

Quantum V2 A/C Vent

If you want style, you want this! Meet our V2 A/C vent. Like all our designs patent pending concave/convex design. 

Restomod Air drive kits are good as good gets!

Serpentine Belt Drive Kits

What would a custom build be without a billet DRIVE KIT? Darn close to naked. Don’t do that to your engine! Our new line of Restomod Air Drive Kits are everything you’d expect from us.


Mini Diablo Vortex

A Clean Look

This Precision CNC Machined 6061/T6 Aluminum work of art is what customers have been asking for. The Diablo Mini is here for you to own.

What is Membrane

The Ultimate Thermal Insulation

Membrane is the only true thermal insulation with sound dampening material. 

Kustom Kulture

It’s a Lifestyle

So what are you about?



Membrane does the job well

Membrane Thermal Insulation

What do you need to insulate?

Lucky 7 Speed Shop

What is in a name?

Every wonder why we named a set of vents Lucky 7? Well now you know.


Very impressed with Restomod Air

Extreme Performance

Engine and trans mock up is just about done (transmission next). We (Extreme Performance) went with the Restomod Air serpentine kit, easy to install and came with everything we needed with no cheesy looking parts. Very impressed with their kit. 


Want to get Lucky?

Double Power

For twice the blowin’ power, pick up our Quantum series Dual Lucky 7 A/C vent.



Happy 4th of July 

God bless ‘merica! Have a great 4th. Our new clothing line coming soon! RSTM


Customize your Quantum Controls

Carbon Fiber Inserts

Customize your Quantum Controls. Quantum controls are now available with carbon fiber inserts.

The awesome power of Membrane


Thermal Insulator with Sound Dampening material 

DeadEnd Garage came by

Polite’s Dead End Garage & Fab

We stopped by Restomod Air to check out the #haymaker2 a/c for #ThinMint. This system will definitely keep your sit cold. Special thanks to Gary for showing us around. Did you know that 80% of their parts are made in house.

Camaro Xact Fit Controller

Xact Fit controller for the Camaro guys

The rumors are true, we have an Xact Fit controller for the Camaro guys. This controller works with our Haymaker II, Vapir III, and Bantam II A/C systems.