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Lucky 7 Vents

Lucky 7

Every wonder why we named a set of vents Lucky 7? Well here you go. You can check check out the Lucky 7 Vents here. 


9 sheets of 31.5” x 18” Thermal Insulator with Sound Dampening material.

Membrane is simple to use. Measure, cut, and peel to apply to your vehicle. Membrane conforms to all the curves and angle your ride offers, without having an odor or being messy like drip materials. No one wants that. Restomod Air understands that you have put a lot of time and hard work into your build, because we are car guys like you. We will not just put anything in our own build, so why should you?



Membrane, by Restomod Air is the only true thermal insulation with sound dampening material.  

Restomod Air bring your ride to work

What do you Drive?

Everyone brought up their rides today with no planning.. 


World’s first and only vehicle climate control app

Atmosphere App

Atmosphere app by Restomod Air has 256 color options to match the interior of your ride. If you are into a smooth dash with zero clutter the Atmosphere app allows you to have Restomod Air AC system without putting any controls on your dash.

Atmosphere, by Restomod Air is the world’s first and only vehicle climate control app. Atmosphere, provides wireless control of your Vehicle Climate Control through any mobile iOS or Android device. The app is available for free download through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Atmosphere works with your mobile device by establishing a secure Bluetooth connection to provide instantaneous wireless control and feedback to your Restomod Air system. Mount your device in dash or not. It’s totally up to you. No cables, no mess, no problem. Totally customizable.


Square Body X-act fit controller

Square Body X-act fit controller

It’s true we have an X-act fit controller for all you square body people. This controller works with the Haymaker II, Bantam II, and our Vapir III systems. Upgrade your Square Body now with the leader in custom aftermarket a/c systems.

We have Metal Balls, Do you?

Razor Vents

Razor Air conditioning vent. All Metal All the Time. The new Razor vent is Precision CNC Machined 6061/T6 Aluminum Bezel and Ball, no cheap plastic here. “SHARP” is understatement when it comes to our new Razor vents. These all-new vents are as unique as they are lethal… well, they’re not really that sharp… but they are awesome. With the new interchangeable all Metal ball your look is even more customizable. We have Metal Balls, Do you?

Membrane Thermal Insulator With Sound Dampening Material


Membrane, by Restomod Air is the only true thermal insulation with sound dampening material for your pro touring build. 

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Keepin Your Sh*t Cold!

Keepin Your Sh*t Cold!

Reed Robinson of ODB OFFROAD AND SERVICE representing Restomod Air.

KC’s Paint Shop uses Vapir II F100

KC’s Paint Shop

K.C. Mathieu, owner of the renowned KC’s Paint Shop in Fort Worth, Texas is using Restomod Air  Quantum Dual Vane Vents,and a Vapir II a/c system in this F100. 

Why did K.C. Mathieu pick the Vapir II for this F100? Because he needed Ultimate Style and Killer Performance. The Vapir II is best for street rod builds or any where a small and powerful system is needed. Don’t let the small size fool you, this unit packs a ton of performance into that small space. This might be the most efficiently designed evaporator ever. It’s all our patent pending innovation in a case that measures 20 inches long, 7.125 inches deep, and only 9.5 tall.