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1961-63 T-bird Owners Dig the TruMod A/C Kit

Restomod Air’s 1961-63 Thunderbird TruMod A/C Kit has the most advanced technology available on the market. This TruMod A/C Kit uses the Vapir 2 – S Compact Climate Control System. The Vapir 2 – S comes with A/C & Heat with Infinite Blend between Dash, Defrost/Floor. Giving infinite blending options. One feature that makes this a/c kit exceptional is that it was designed to install on a smooth firewall in tight spaces. Giving those who are customizing their T-bird the ability to mount in the location they desire.

Designed For Easy Upgrades

Our multi-mount system makes the installation of this custom A/C system a breeze. No need for fabricating brackets or visible bolt heads. Simply use the template, mark your firewall, weld studs/drill & use the included stainless hex head bolts.

When we have new technology available, it is plug & play. You can even remove the blower motor, expansion valve & thermostat for servicing with the evaporator still in the vehicle. And with a 3-year warranty on a complete 1961-63 Thunderbird a/c kit, you will have industry-leading support.


Your 1961-63 Thunderbird TruMod A/C Kit comes with Satin Stealth Classic A/C Controls. Precision CNC Machined 6061/T6 Aluminum these controls come with a Mylar decal that indicates what position you are in at all times. Each know can be individually mounted in any configuration on your dash to give you the look you want. Mount horizontally, vertically, grouped together or mount separately form ach other. It is really up to you.


Model Specific

Restomod Air has designed a condenser kit that has everything you need for your 1961-63 Thunderbird. It comes with a condenser, size 19.5 x 15.5 x 1, and model-specific mounting brackets. This condenser kit is complete and a must for anyone in the early stages of their a/c installation. If you are already set with your condenser kit no worries. The beauty of this 1961-63 Thunderbird TruMod A/C Kit is you can still get the a/c kit without the condenser kit sections. You do not have to get all or nothing. That’s what makes Restomod Air awesome, just get what you need.


Test Fit

If you are still unsure this 1961-63 Thunderbird TruMod A/C Kit will fit for your ride, we understand. Sometimes you just need the peace of mind, we get that. Before you order the kit you can order the mock box, pay the refundable deposit, test it in your 1961-63 Thunderbird and ship it back when you’re done.


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