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1968-70 Mopar B-Body TruMOD Air Conditioning Kit

Mopar B-Body TruMOD

Restomod Air has designed a kit for your 1968-70 Mopar B-Body that surpasses any other on the market. The 1968-70 Mopar B-Body TruMOD Air Conditioning Kit uses the Full-Size Climate Control System with A/C & Heat with Infinite Blend between Dash, Defrost, and Floor. Our Haymaker II A/C system is designed for a smoothed firewall installation. And is the top of the line, the most stylish, most powerful, and toughest aftermarket A/C system.

restomod universal hose kit with drier


What is TruMod you might ask? TruMOD air conditioning systems are “Tru” to the specific make and model yet easily “modifiable”. With your TruMod Mopar B-Body System, you literally get the best of both worlds, giving model specific parts with the ability to customize your installation.

Each kit is designed for a smoothed firewall installation. This allows the use of our multi-mount system for you to keep that perfectly smoothed firewall using either the welded options for body phase or bolted options for completed (painted) cars.


The Unit

Starting with Restomod Air’s signature evaporator the Haymaker II.  The Haymaker II is equipped with two separate coils that are 20% larger than anything else on the market. So rest easy knowing that cold or hot air is available faster than your typical a/c kit. Remember, smaller is never better when it comes to coil/case size! Size matters.

The Specifics

Your Mopar B-Body TruMOD system comes with a model-specific control Panel known as our X-act Fit controller. That’s not all , your TruMOD A/C kit also comes complete with specifically engineered condenser kit, featuring a condenser with pre-engineered brackets and tubes with drier, pressure switch, and refrigerant hoses (all of our refrigerant hose fittings come black as standard equipment) Our TruMOD kit also comes with a Models specific Engine bracket.  This TruMOD kit also comes either Original Heater or Original Factory Air.


Our TruMOD air conditioning kit comes with standard vents or vent adapters and bulkhead plate but allows you to personalize the parts that matter to your taste, just hit us up 1-866-784-4278

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2 thoughts on “1968-70 Mopar B-Body TruMOD Air Conditioning Kit

  1. larry b says:

    i need a complete ac set up for a 72 challenger including the harmonic balancer with the extra pulley cut for the ac compressor for a small block hemi and not break the bank already have 50 grand into it. thanx larry b

    1. Rob says:

      Hi Larry, I understand wanting to get the best bang for your buck. Would you mind giving one of our techs a call 1-866-784-4278 or email and they can go over all your options.

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