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1968 Ford Mustang owned by Ike Taylor at SEMA 2016

1968 Ford Mustang

Ike Taylor came out to SEMA 2016 to see his 1968 Ford Mustang for the first time in the Restomod Air SEMA booth number 22993 and he loved what he saw. 


Ike Taylor’s Mustang

This 1968 Ford Mustang has Restomod Air Vapir 2 evaporator Unit. The Vapir 2 measures 20 inches long, 7.125 inches deep, and only 9.5 tall. The Vapir 2 comes with multi-mount system which allows to keep a perfectly smoothed firewall with no unsightly bolt heads.  The Reactor utilizes a single knob and bright LED indicators to guide you to be most control you’ve ever had. The Reactor measures at 4.5” Width, 2.125” Height, 1.5” thickness and is the world’s first single knob controller that can control fan speed, temperature, and mode selection… all with LED indicators and state-of-the-art upgradability. With exchangeable Halo Rings, available in Polished, Satin, or Black. The RA-7 vents are a perfect choice for this SEMA 2016 Ride.

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  1. Tony says:

    Awesome Car! Incredible detail and specs, great job!

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