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Restomod Air Evaporator Mockup Box

Test Fit

Restomod Air offers evaporator mock boxes to test fit in your vehicle before you ever purchase a system. Pretty cool right? Not knowing if it will fit sucks. Sometimes you just need the peace of mind, we get that. To get one all you do is order the mock box. Then pay the refundable deposit. And test it in your vehicle. Ship it back to us when done. Easy.

Are you a shop that has always wanted to have mock boxes in stock for all your future builds? You’re in luck, we can help you with that. Restomod Air sells mock boxes for all of our evaporators. So you can purchase one, or all, of our mock boxes so you will be prepared to fit any ride that comes your way. Always be prepared.

Each Mockup Box comes the actual size of the evaporator size for a perfect test fit. Call 1-866-784-4278 or order directly here and we will ship it out to you.

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