A Different Way to Have A/C in your Pro Touring Vehicle

Any Configuration

Have you been looking for something different that no one else has? We have created something just that. Our Nano vents with our PODs controller is the perfect blend of sleek and form. No longer do you have to go with a traditional looking dash. What makes the Nano vent and PODs controller different is when they are used together you are able to have any configuration you desire.

Restomod Air engineers always think of real applications and this is why the Nano was created to perfectly fit with our PODs controller. The Nano is exactly the same size as our PODs controllers, this allows for a perfect inline look on your dash. The Nano Vents are 7/8″ smaller in diameter than standard vents. Which means less dash space is taken up.


Dual Directional Airflow

Having 4 vents and a 3-knob controller is a thing of the past. With these 2 products used together, you can create any look you want. The Nano A/C Vent design allows for 2 vents to be placed in the location where one traditional vent could fit. What does that mean to you? Having 2 Nano vents in one location gives you the option to have dual directional air flow. Dual directional airflow means that more surface area of the occupants is cooled by the a/c system. Since a/c is directional the Nano is perfect for its dual directional capability. The Nano vents are designed with a patented Concave/ Convex design that allows for two different looks simply by turning the vent ball.

The POD controllers are an awesome addition to Restomod Air. With an all aluminum construction and LED indicators, this controller is as sturdy as it is easy to adjust. Controlling your Restomod Air system is now even easier. With individual fan, mode, temp knobs, you can mount in your dash any way you want. The 3 knobs can either be mounted as a group or individually on your dash giving you the ultimate in customization. This is the Adaptable controller you have been looking for.

Nano’s Fit Where other’s Don’t! The smallest and most very versatile air conditioning vent on the market has arrived. The Nano has been designed to fit in places on your dash where other vents just could not fit. This least intrusive a/c vent ever created.

You are simply able to have your dash look any way you want with these 2 products.


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