Death Valley Challenge

Death Valley Challenge info…..

Death Valley Challenge

Hello all, I wanted to drop a line about our challenge, Death Valley Challenge. We have gotten a lot of people wondering what the hell is Death Valley Challenge 2012? well…. the purpose of this challenge is to prove we are more than looks, our air conditioning performs, thus our statement “Ultimate Style, Killer Performance!” To prove this we are building a 69 Camaro to take to Death Valley CA in the middle of August!  Our Camaro has several great advances in A/C technology, dual systems, air conditioned seats, multiple control options.  The greatest part is that every employee is involved in the build, literally being built in our warehouse just feet from our assembly line.  Sure we could have paid somebody build it, but dammit, were car guys too.  To validate if we succeed or not, staff from Source Interlink (Chevy Hi) will be on hand.  After our debut Chevy High Performance magazine will publish our Camaro to the world.

Restomod Air Death Valley Challenge


Who’s In?

I will drop a line throughout the build updating you on how we are doing and what type of parts we are using to achieve the ultimate cool!  We already have several industry leaders on board such as Dakota Digital, Crane Cams, Spal, Master Power Brakes, Eddie Motorsports and Boze wheels.  Below is the beginning of what we had to deal with.


The beginning

The beginning of our 1969 Camaro, not bad huh?


Once we brought the 1969 Camaro into our shop it was time to tear it apart!


Tearing down our 69 Camaro for Death Valley

Tearing down our 69 Camaro for Death Valley


Stay tuned for more to come…. its gonna happen,  Dueces

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