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Triq Air Conditioning controls just released!


Pronounced like “trick”… this new air conditioning and heater controller is just about as slick as a A/C controller can get. Our “competition” has a boring 3-knob A/C controller that looks like a train wreck sitting next this beauty. The triQ stresses stylish looks and ease of use and will look killer in any setting.

products triq lemans
triq with concave knobs satin straight  triq with concave knobs satin left  triq with hex knobs satin up close


This beauty posses 3 knobs for air conditioning, heating temperatures, infinite blower motor fan speed control, and adjustments for blending defrost, floor, and dash positions.  Made from high quality 6061-T pure billet bar stock aluminum.  This baby will set any muscle car, street rod, classic car ahead of the competition.  When adding air conditioning and heating to your classic or vintage ride this is it, look no further!


Quantities are limited, get your order in now… no, seriously, these go fast.


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One thought on “Triq Air Conditioning controls just released!

  1. Stephen says:

    This is a really nice piece. How about a stepped edge to go with my gauges instrument pane. I could e-mail you a photo. It is a real finely stepped piece. I have a clock too that needs a matching single instrument panel.
    I will be definitely buying a system from you. Probably around spring. Just beautiful work you guys are doing.

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