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Brand Ambassador Alyssa Kay

Full-time car and pinup model Alyssa Kay is all about Restomod Air. This Cali girl’s passion for building cars was passed down from her mother. In 2017 Alyssa built her first vehicle, a beautiful 1965 Cadillac coupe Deville that goes by the name Tequila. This 1965 Cadillac coupe Deville went through the SEMA crunch and made it to the show.

Equipped with Restomod Air

Alyssa’s build needed several things but one of the most important was a kickass a/c system to combat that California heat. This Cadillac got Restomod Air’s Full-Size Climate Control System, Haymaker II. Designed for a flat firewall installation and being so powerful the Haymaker II was the only a/c system to cool her 65 Deville with all that cabin space.

Alyssa threw down some membrane thermal insulator and sound dampening material to make her 1965 Cadillac as cold as possible. Membrane’s four-layers prevented her vehicle from being robbed of the ice-cold temperature in the cabin of the vehicle while blocking out the outside noises.

In early 2019 Alyssa became a Restomod Air Brand Ambassador, and in 2020 became a Brand Ambassador Team Leader. Always at local Cali car shows Alyssa wins over crowds with her 1965 Cadillac coupe Deville showing off her Restomod Air.

She says “I was tired of my friends talking about how boring their ac was or how cheap some of the other a/c companies’ products were. So of course, I had to tell them about Restomod Air, and how badass and high quality their products were.”

You can check out her Instagram and YouTube channel to see what she is up to and hear reviews on Restomod Air products for yourself.


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