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Compare Each A/C Kit

Need help deciding which system is best for you? Want to compare the features of each of our systems? Trying to figure out the best a/c system for your vehicle just got easier. Compare Sizes, Price, System Features and much more. Simply click here to learn which A/C kit is right for you. 

We put all the information you are really wanting to know about our a/c systems in a simple format that you can download and view in your free time.

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2 thoughts on “Compare Each A/C Kit

  1. Roger Werksman says:

    Will one of your Custom Units fit and work well from the TRUNK of my ‘41 Cad Series 75 Limo. I want to keep the Original front compartment and Dash look unchanged….no vents showing under dash etc. I guess I have to change the 6 Volt system to 12, but I don’t mind. Please get back to me with your ideas on a way to proceed. Thanks. Roger Werksman

    1. Roger,
      I sent you an email regarding your question.

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