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No one comes close to us

You ever wonder what makes Restomod Air different than anyone else in the market? Innovators are what we are. No one comes close to us. Restomod Air has proven that if you want the best in aftermarket A/C for your ride you need our shit!

route 66


Ultimate Style Killer Performance is not just a tagline. That phrase means something. We have the one of a kind style you are looking for, and we are always surpassing customer’s expectations on performance.

We may cost more than the others but you always get what you pay for. If you want some cheap ass plastic head on over to our competitors they will hook you up. But if you want quality Precision CNC Machined parts made from pure 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum then we have you covered.


You can do whatever you want with Restomod Air. Buy only what you need, there are no “kits” to get stuck with. Do you just want one of our kick-ass A/C systems? That’s cool, you can do that. Saw some vents that you think would look dope in your ride? Get em, we won’t say you have to buy things you don’t want.

route 66 truck

We are the only true custom aftermarket a/c system manufacturer that provides both ultimate style and killer performance to any custom car build!

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2 thoughts on “Custom Aftermarket A/C System Manufacturer

  1. Ron Calkins says:

    I have a 1984 Alfa Romeo GTV6 that I’m doing ALOT of customization. Want to replace the A/C system, and depending on measurement of the AC/heater box, I will go with either the Bantam II or Vapir II or III. I will most likely retain the Alfa unique vents… BUT the control unit… that’s up in the air. Logic tells me to get one of your custom control units… BUT another side of me ponders whether a C5 Corvette Manual control HVAC unit could be made to interface with your system. It is a little more ‘period correct/better aesthetic fit than the modern units you offer. The choices to ponder…

    1. Hey Ron,
      I’ll email you.

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