Don’t Go Naked

Measure, cut, and peel to apply to your vehicle, it’s that easy. Membrane conforms to all the curves and angles your vehicle offers, without having an odor or being messy like drip materials. This is one of the many reasons pro builders have stated that Membrane is the best thermal insulator and sound dampening material on the market that they have ever used. Restomod Air has taken thermal insulation and sound dampening to a whole new level.Why would A/C manufacture spend any time focusing on a product like Membrane? We found that custom car builders were using a standard “sound deadening” material in their builds, and were unaware that it did not provide adequate temperature adjustments from the outside elements. No matter how good your a/c system is if you don’t insulate your vehicle then you will not have complete control over the climate in your vehicle.

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Still on the fence about Membrane? You are putting a lot into your build and most likely you are not cutting corners. Why start now? Membrane is different. We know that vehicles need to be insulated for air conditioning systems to operate efficiently, this is why we designed our own thermal firewall insulation material to handle the issue, simply because there is no product offered, until now.

It is time to switch to a thermal insulator and sound dampener that can give you both in one product. Membrane is 4 layers of protection. Membrane’s four-layer material is like nothing else found on the market. Layer one is foil for durability, layer two is a closed-cell heat insulation foam rubber for thermal protection, layer three is another foil layer for structural integrity, and layer four is the butyl layer for sound dampening.

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