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Elevate push button controller

The push button A/C control

Finally a use for your finger besides picking things. Elevate Controller.


elevate cyan finger open

elevate cyan straight closed elevate red light straight closed products elevate light up left open


One of the most talked about A/C products at SEMA this year was Elevate, the push button controller. Elevate is as sleek as they come. This controller is smooth. You can individually push in your Fan, Mode, Temp knobs and they pop out to allow for easy speed, mode, and temperature adjustments. When you are done push in the backlit knob and it pops back to allow for a flush, clean looking dash.

This push button design for your custom A/C controller is nothing less than amazing. Elevate allows for custom backlit options of white, red, green, blue or cyan.

The Elevate controller is 5.125” Width, 1.875” Height made out of Precision CNC Machined 6061/T6 Aluminum. It comes in Satin, Anodized Black (Synister Series), Anodized to match any color you want.

Patent Pending.

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