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Haymaker II Full Size A/C System

The Best Aftermarket A/C System

The final blow, the ultimate knockout punch. In a boxing match it’s the best and most powerful closing statement you can make and it’s also what we call our most kick-ass air conditioning system. This is the top, the most stylish, most powerful, and toughest system we have. If you want your ride to roll with the best aftermarket A/C system ever made the Haymaker II! The Haymaker II is the champion in cooling performance hands down.



The Haymaker II is our undefeated champion and top performer. We’ve packed all our best technology into this one. This unit will kick the sh*t out of any other unit on the market.  All electric, state-of-the-art screw drive servo motors, and SPAL Variable Speed Fan. Get an infinite number of fan speeds. Compact, high output, OEM quality in a durable design for balanced assembly (no vibration) and low noise.



The Haymaker II is built for the long run. Every part has been carefully engineered for years of trouble-free performance. From our high-impact ABS case to our American made high-capacity coils, the Haymaker is as tough as they come.


Not just tough Haymaker II is stylin’ too. Our exclusive multi-mount plate looks as cool as cool can be. Made from laser-cut aluminum and available in red, black, or satin… or put your own color on it to match your build. There is nothing else like it in the world. Pound for pound the Haymaker II is the champion in cooling performance, but it’s not an awkward giant it’s only about 16lbs total!

Servicing the System

Serviceability is another Restomod Air exclusive. Similar to an OEM case, our cases can be opened and serviced. Our competitors glue their cases shut, making it a “throw-away” or expensive and time-consuming procedure to get it repaired. With the Evaporator still in the vehicle, you can service the Haymaker II. The Blower Motor, Expansion Valve, Thermostat can all be changed without removing the system. Pretty nice if you do ever have an issue.

Separate coils

Our separate A/C and Heat coils give us a much larger surface area for the airflow to flow over… which makes for more efficient and quick temperature adjustments. Because of separate coils, you don’t have to remove both coils to replace just one…and you won’t damage other parts during the process!

Want better airflow? You need our exclusive Direct Pass Evaporators. We direct airflow straight across and thru the entire coil(s) surface – and that means faster cool downs. We do not use trap doors, we utilize just one door and a larger exit opening on our evaporator cases without redirecting. Our competitors use many trapdoors and create a maze that the air just can’t navigate thru easily. Seriously?


A few more reasons why the Haymaker II is your best choice

The raw material we use for our cases is thicker, higher quality and greater gloss, and has a premium finish that no one else can match. We use temperature-controlled molds in our manufacturing process to generate cases that have a more uniform thickness through out for greater durability.

We’ve utilized copper tubing for over 35 years in our quest to outlast any of our competitor’s aluminum only components. Quality for generations to come.

Our exclusive wiring system simplifies and expedites installation with our exclusive color-coded connections you can’t make a wrong connection! Screw drive servomotors are used for longevity with thousands of hours of cycle testing. Our programmable ECU is state-of-art versatility. An easier installation and future upgradability are just a few advantages.

Multi-Mount system

We’re car guys just like you. We realize that mounting an evaporator will rarely be at the top of anyone’s list of things to do. So we just made it a whole lot easier – and faster. With our new Multi-Mount system, installation is as close to a “breeze” as it will ever get. Every Haymaker II unit comes with a pre-attached multi-mount, a template, and all the hardware you’ll need. Just pick your spot, use the included template to mark your stud locations, and attach by welding or match-drilling holes on the firewall. Then just put the evaporator into place. Seriously why can’t everything be this easy?










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