How Much Membrane do I need

We know that vehicles need to be insulated for air conditioning systems to operate efficiently. Our designers get this question often, how much membrane do I need? Most builds will use 2 boxes, but it is a question really only the builder can answer for one simple reason. What all are you going to Membrane? Each box contains 9 sheets of 18″ X 31.5″ 36 sq. ft Thermal Insulator with Sound Dampening material.

Of course, each vehicle is different, but each builder is different. I know sounds like BS, but here is why it isn’t.  Let’s say there are two builders building the same vehicle. These two builders could need different amounts. Each builder could care about different levels of protection. They could live in two different areas of the country. One state gets hot as hell and the other state has mild weather.


Are you just waiting to membrane the firewall? I hope so…This is the most important part of creating a thermal insulation barrier. The heat coming from the engine bay will dramatically influence the temperature in your cab. So, blocking that heat and noise is object number one. You’re just asking for trouble leaving the firewall bare. A well-insulated firewall will make a difference in your driving experience. We noticed that most custom builders thought the “sound dampening” material they were using also blocked out the heat. This is not true.  Restomod Air’s Membrane takes care of both.

membrane firewall


Another place for membrane is the floorboard. Besides the firewall, the floorboard is the most common area. It only makes sense to kill the noise and heat from the road with thermal insulation with sound dampening material in one sheet. Membrane does just that. Along with the floorboard, builders hush the sound and block the heat in the door panels.

membrane floorboard



Often forgotten is the roof. The sun directly affects the temperature of your vehicle’s cab. I know it’s a no brainer, but some builders opt to not insulate their roof. Kind of weird trying to cool your vehicle but not insulating that same vehicle properly. Here is a good way to explain it. You go out and buy the latest and greatest fridge for the house. You get it home plug it in but there is no insulation or seal on the door. Sure, the fridge is keeping your food cool but it’s not cold. It’s the same with your vehicle. Why not seal it all up?



Builders understand that keeping the rattle down on your vehicle it is a good idea to insulate the truck. Using Membrane to hush or cancel out the sound is great, but it also blocks the heat from coming in the rear of the vehicle. Membrane’s 4 layers provide all the protection you need. There is an elastomeric butyl constrained-layer multi-function sound deadener, for vibration damping & sound insulation. Crap that was a lot of science. Basically, Membrane keeps your shit cold.

So yeah how much Membrane do you need for your build. You tell us how much protection you want.  You can schedule a call or email with one of our designers or master techs here. They can contact you on your time without waiting in line.

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