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HUMVEE – HMMWV M998 TruMOD Complete A/C System


Restomod Air has just released a TruMOD Complete A/C System for the HUMVEE – HMMWV M998. This A/C System is comes complete with everything needed to turn your M998 HUMVEE – HMMWV to a fully electric climate controlled vehicle. Your HUMVEE – HMMWV M998 can now have the best modern a/c system on the market with this easy to install TruMOD system.

Don’t catch yourself trying to mount a universal street rod system into your M998 HUMVEE – HMMWV – get Restomod Air’s M998 HUMVEE – HMMWV TruMOD Climate Control system. “Tru” to your make and model yet easily “MODifiable,” the TruMOD systems are the only customizable model specific system on the market. It has everything your M998 HUMVEE – HMMWV needs to get on the road again with high-performance air conditioning, heat and dehumidified defrost customized exactly how you want it.


Inside and Out

Restomod Air has you covered on a/c for your M998 HUMVEE – HMMWV. Keeping with the feel of the OEM controller and ditching the outdated push-pull cables that came stock, we went electronic. Restomod Air went steps further than anyone else to give you options. Our condensers utilize custom-made state of the art parallel flow “micro tube” condensers. These designs are used today on modern vehicles to reduce head pressures and to transfer heat more efficiently. With dozens of custom sizes and shapes available we tailor fit each one to your specific vehicle, making it a TruMOD. And with single fan or a dual fan option you get exactly what you want.

hmmwv dual fan condenser

This black powder coated all STEEL a/c system was specifically engineered and designed for the M998 HUMVEE – HMMWV. Every angle, the placement on the vents, to the ease of use by the driver and the passenger. The attention to detail this Restomod Air system gives makes you feel like it always belonged in the M998 HUMVEE – HMMWV. Giving your M998 HUMVEE – HMMWV modern A/C, heat and dehumidified defrost from Restomod Air is a comprehensive decision. Don’t settle for the knock-off cheap plastic imitations. No one comes close to Restomod Air performance for military aftermarket a/c systems. Guaranteed!

hmmwv system with cover

Check out our site and see for yourself how Restomod Air can give you a TruMOD Complete A/C System for the HUMVEE – HMMWV M998. Click here.

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  1. Good morning, Talked to you guys at SEMA about your Humvee ac system. We would to become a dealer for your products. We will not modify like your previous Humvee dealer and will sell as is. We also have a high end interior that we would like to use a variety of your parts to dress it up.
    Can you please send dealer paperwork if interested in working with us. Thanks guys.

    1. Hey Nathan,
      give Gary a call at 866-784-4278 ext. 108.

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