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INVent Controller in Waylon Kain Krumrie’s 1967 C10 “Able”

Waylon Kain Krumrie’s 1967 C10 “Able” debut of TMI’s new truck interior product line showcased the best of the best. This C10 even comes complete with a bottle opener on the tailgate. Waylon didn’t want a basic short bed C10. He knew that he had to have something just a little bit different than everybody else.

Waylon worked tirelessly on this truck and it shows in every detail inside and out. At first glance you might think this truck doesn’t have A/C, but you’d be fooled by the ultra-slick Restomod Air A/C set up. On this new INVent system from Restomod Air, the center dials in the middle of the vents work as the controllers – making for a nice clean install!


What Makes it Different

The INVent Controller is like nothing else. Now you are able to control your Fan, Mode, and Temp within three separate vents. If you were holding out for something different here it is. The fully integrated A/C controls with-in the vent are what make it most innovated controller anyone has ever come up with. And that’s just not us saying that. The INVent was a SEMA New Product Award winner as well as a Global Media Award winner.

You are able to mount The INVent in any configuration on your dash that you want. This enables you to maximize dash space as well as having a custom look. Having you’re a/c controller and a/c vents in an all in one package is perfect for those that want the bare minimal on their dash. The technology that Restomod Air puts out is unmatched by anyone else and it is never out of date. With easy WIFI updates to the ECU you can always have the latest.

Playing off his middle name “Kain” – Waylon nicknamed the truck “Able” and we can confirm that this truck is cool as sin. For more about this truck check out Tim King’s article on Lateral-G here.


Curtesy of Lateral-G

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