Nano Billet Aluminum A/C Vent

Real-World Application

Designing the interior of your vehicle can be difficult for some builders and the dash is a project in itself. We understand this and have come up with a solution to this problem. Restomod Air engineers always think of real-world applications and this is why the Nano was created to perfectly fit with our PODs controller. The Nano is exactly the same size as our PODs controllers, this allows for a perfect inline look on your dash. The Nano Vents are 7/8″ smaller in diameter than standard vents.


Adding a set of Nano vents to any of our other standard vents will instantly create a unique and interior that will turn heads. Nano’s Fit Where other’s Don’t! The smallest and most very versatile air conditioning vent on the market has arrived. But the Nano has been designed to fit in places on your dash where other vents just could not fit. At 1.875” in diameter this least intrusive a/c vent ever created.

Dual Directional Air Flow

Restomod Air’s Nano A/C Vent design allows for 2 vents to be placed in the location. Where one traditional vent could fit. What does that mean to you? Having 2 Nano vents in one location gives you the option to have dual directional airflow. What dual directional airflow means that more surface area of the occupants is cooled by the a/c system. Since a/c is directional the Nano is perfect for its dual-directional capability. All Nano vents are designed with a patented Concave/ Convex design that allows for two different looks simply by turning the vent ball.


With the Nano fit being the same diameter as our PODs controller knobs you can have the controller and vents inline to give a one of a kind look. Color match to your interior only increases the custom feel of your interior. The Nano vents are made from precision CNC machined 6061/T6 and has an aluminum bezel, aluminum ball, aluminum hose adaptor.

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