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New Year New Products

With the New Year underway, Restomod Air is set to make an industry-leading impact in 2021. Over the course of the year, we will release more products for builders to set their ride apart from anyone else.

Restomod Air has always had a top-notch R&D department but this year we will outdo ourselves. And really that’s all we want to do. We have the look that pro builders want and the performance that everyone deserves from an A/C manufacture. Over the past year, we released the S-Series Systems making every Restomod Air a/c system Bluetooth enabled. No other a/c manufacturer has infused Bluetooth technology into their systems like Restomod Air. This has allowed your a/c system to evolve with every update and never will you have an outdated a/c system again. Every time there is a new feature created or an improvement implemented, your system will have it. Every user will have the ability to control their a/c system with their mobile device. With our most ambitious electronics ever created, you are now able to self-diagnose and troubleshoot your a/c system. This technology underwent rigorous testing to become the new standard in engineering and design at Restomod Air.

Designed with the user in mind the S-SERIES wiring system with Switch Technology allows you to bounce back and forth between the App, the Remote Control, and hard mounted dash controls. Meaning you do not have to pick from having a controller mounted in your dash, the remote control, or having the app downloaded on your mobile device. The new Switch app is awesome. New look, new control, new support.


The S-SERIES wiring system with Switch Technology is progressive and allows for higher-level self-diagnostics. With a quick scan, you can find out the source of any issue. You can know if the voltage is dropping or if the is compressor clutch firing. The diagnostic app will let you know if servo motors are working or if a door on the system is not closing completely. You will know if you are getting bleed through on the system. There are so many things the diagnostic app can inform you of. No longer do you have to spend hours trying to find the cause of a problem. Just let the most advanced software take care of it for you. The diagnostic section of the app can tell you if the problem is with the controls or the system, cutting down troubleshooting time like never before. No one else does this!

Research and Development

Restomod Air R&D is always pushing boundaries and incorporating the latest’s technology into our killer products. 2021 will bring the release of products that have only been concept ideas due to the lack of past technology. Our engineers have truly gone to the next level with product innovations that simply cannot be matched by anyone else. Restomod Air with have you covered in 2021 with Ultimate Style Killer Performance!

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