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PODS Controller the Latest in A/C Technology

The PODS controller

The POD controllers are an awesome addition to Restomod Air. With an all aluminum construction and LED indicators, this controller is as sturdy as it is easy to adjust. The outer ring rotates for adjustments while leaving the inner section stationary for optimum visibility. If you are looking for the latest in a/c technology this is it.

Controlling your Restomod Air system is now even easier. With individual fan, mode, temp knobs, you can mount in your dash any way you want. The 3 knobs can either be mounted as a group or individually on your dash giving you the ultimate in customization. This is the Adaptable controller you have been looking for.

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Installing is simple, locate where you want the PODS located. This can be grouped together or you can separate each knob in a different location on your dash. With a 1.62” drilled hole it can fit in the tightest places on your dash. Slide your PODS through the hole you drill and there is a nut to tighten on the back. And that’s it. You’re done. This controller is as versatile as they come.

This Quantum series POD with its smooth face has stayed true to the name. Small, compact and sleek this controller works well in all dash styles. And with a true LED indicator ring you always know what position you are at even in the dark. You can choose form Cyan, Green, Red or White LED indicators to match your interior of your vehicle.

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