Power of the Haymaker – S


Restomod Air has been known for years to bring Ultimate Style and Killer Performance to your custom build. From the beginning, our a/c systems have outperformed and outclassed any other a/c system on the market. Restomod Air’s commitment to designing a product that is truly superior to any other has been noticed in the industry. That’s why custom builders will only use Restomod Air for their projects.

Following our heritage Restomod Air has forged on to bring the next in technology and undeniable performance in aftermarket a/c with the introduction of Haymaker – S Kit. The Full-Size Climate Control System with A/C & Heat with Infinite Blend between Dash, Defrost, and Floor.

The Haymaker – S A/C system is designed for a flat firewall installation and is the top of the line, the most stylish, most powerful, and toughest aftermarket A/C Kit ever!


The Haymaker – S is made specifically for full-size vehicles with large interiors. It’s a lot more than just a cooling and heating solution, it’s a technical marvel and the best performing system you can get. We took all our best ideas and put them into one complete system. Our innovations are patented and exclusive features only available from us.

Bluetooth Enabled

Restomod Air is the only a/c manufacturer has infused Bluetooth technology into their systems.  What exactly does this mean for you? It means with the Haymaker – S kit you will have the most advanced technology all the time. Your Restomod Air Haymaker – S kit will evolve with every update and never will you have an outdated a/c system again.

Every time there is a NEW feature created or improvement implemented your Haymaker – S will have it. Every user will have the ability to control their a/c system with their mobile device. With our most ambitious electronics ever created, you are now able to self-diagnose and troubleshoot your Haymaker – S kit.


Having every Restomod Air Haymaker – S kit come standard with Bluetooth Capability has changed how you control a/c in your vehicle. You will never have obsolete technology with the GEN III wiring system. Every time there is an update on a feature you can have it that day. Why wait?

No shipping out anything just simply downloads. This technology underwent rigorous testing to become the new standard in engineering and design at Restomod Air, welcome to the next level.

Switch Technology

Restomod Air’s all-new app design is amazing. Designed with the user in mind the GEN III wiring system with Switch Technology allows you to bounce back and forth between App, hard control and remote control.

Meaning you do not have to pick from having a controller mounted in your dash, remote control or having the app downloaded on your mobile device. You can have it all! Yeah, that’s right. No one else gives you more options than Restomod Air. Is there really any question who is the leader in Aftermarket A/C?


Advanced Diagnostics

Perhaps the best feature of the NEW Haymaker – S is the advanced diagnostics. If you ever have an issue, we have you covered. The GEN III wiring system with Switch Technology is progressive and allows for higher-level self-diagnostics. And it’s FREE. Yeah, free diagnostics! That’s unheard of in the automotive industry.

Now troubleshooting a problem has never been easier. Restomod Air’s state-of-the-art software allows you to find the root of a problem within the app quickly and effectively. No one else has this cutting-edge ability but Restomod Air.


What are some of the feature in the diagnostic app? With a quick scan, you can find out if the voltage is dropping, clutch firing if servo motors are working. You can also find out if your compressor is on/off if a door on the system is not closing completely and you will be able to diagnose if, where you are getting airflow bleed through and so much more.

No longer do you have to spend hours trying to find the cause of a problem and then get with tech support to find out what you need to do. Just let the most advanced software take care of it for you. The diagnostic section of the app can tell you if the problem is with the controls or the system cutting down out troubleshooting time. Like never before.

Know what exactly is going on with your Haymaker – S kit is important. Not to mention the savings on trying to have a shop diagnose the issue for you. A simple problem like incorrect voltage that you may have overlooked could cost you cash in a shop, where the GEN III wiring system can tell you in no time what happened.

You still get the best tech support in the business and combined with our GEN III wiring system the repair time is considerably quicker. Which means less time you are spending chasing a wire. The diagnostics Restomod Air created are incredible, unlike any other a/c manufacture on the market. And it’s all FREE to you.

Simplified Wiring

Controlling your Restomod Air Haymaker – S kit is the best it has ever been. A first-rate design thought out to every detail. Switch Technology is the next big thing here. Is it simple? GEN III wiring system with Switch Technology is all about the Simplified wiring – For easier installs. Restomod Air’s plug n play connections allow you to be confident in doing the install yourself. We have taken all the guesswork on wiring out.

The Bluetooth ECU “Brain” of the a/c system is clearly labeled. To let you know what is going on every step of the way during installation the ECU flashes LED lights. Only three cables plug into the ECU. Power, Servo, Controls that’s it. And if by chance you want to check out more on the Haymaker – S kit pull out your phone camera scan the QR code on the ECU and get additional information.


There are tons of reasons to go with Restomod Air’s Haymaker – S kit but if you still are unsure or just want to learn more about it from an a/c professional you can contact one of our designers or master techs. You can do that by clicking here. Restomod Air has unbelievable support and we are dedicated to always answering your a/c questions with hard facts.

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