Custom Mustang A/C kits for classic and late model mustangs 1958-1973. Climate control with full A/C, heat, and defrost. Stylish, Powerful, Tough.

Firstly, you have to choose which era your Mustang falls in to. Our four major categories are 64-66, 67-6869-70, and 71-73. If you’re unsure what engine you have, use our handy “identify your engine” button. Secondly, select your interior kit, condenser kit, or add Ford Sanden compressor and bracket. Next, select any additional options you may desire for your A/C kit. Finally, if you have any questions or require any additional parts, reach out to our wonderful sales staff to assist you in creating a completely customized Mustang A/C kit.

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1964-66 Ford Mustang TruMOD Air Conditioning Kit


1969-70 Mustang TruMOD Air Conditioning Kit


1971-73 Mustang TruMOD Air Conditioning Kit