Automotive A/C Reciever Driers – Filter

Depending on your car’s air conditioning system, the drier will either be referred to as a receiver drier or an accumulator/drier. The Drier is located on the liquid hose between the A/C condenser and the evaporator system’s expansion valve.  Its primary function is to act as a filter and secondary function to store excess refrigerant.  The Drier keeps out all the harmful debris from clogging the a/c systems expansion valve and dries out any moisture that can contaminate or internally freeze your AC system. Be certain to replace your receiver/ drier anytime you perform maintenance on your air conditioning. Opening up the AC system to the environment will allow moisture in the air to enter your A/C system quickly and render your receiver /drier useless.  Restomod Air ’s aftermarket A/C Driers have a threaded port on them to allow the insertion of a safety switch or trinary switch for compressor function.

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6in. Standard Drier Male O-Ring w/Bracket


8in. Standard Drier Male O-Ring w/Bracket


Drier Brackets-Narrow Circle Clamp


Drier Brackets-Saddle Clamp


Drier Brackets-Wide Circle Clamp


Safety- Pressure Switch Kit – (High-Low)


Trinary Pressure Switch