Automotive A/C Replacement Parts

When service is needed on your A/C system, Restomod Air carries many of the parts needed.  If your system is not performing the way it needs to, we have the parts to get it cooling again, such as replacement 134a expansion valves, thermostats, o’ ring kits, to water valves.  If you’re in need of parts to complete your install we have you covered there also, from cap plugs to rubber grommets.

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6in. Standard Drier Male O-Ring w/Bracket


8in. Standard Drier Male O-Ring w/Bracket


A/C Hose Clamps #6, #8, #10

A/C Thermostat


Air Conditioning Electronic Water Valve


Air Conditioning Expansion Valve R134a – R12


Cap Plugs , Various Sizes

Condensation Drain Tube


Drier Brackets-Narrow Circle Clamp


Drier Brackets-Saddle Clamp


Drier Brackets-Wide Circle Clamp


Hose Grommet




O-Rings Bag Kit with Mineral Oil


Refrigerant Tape – Cork tape


Rubber Grommet


Safety- Pressure Switch Kit – (High-Low)


T-Fitting #6 Liquid