Restomod Air Custom A/C Kits & Parts

Restomod Air Products Included in Build

Elevate Push Button A/C Controls Blue LED

Aftermarket A/C Controller made from Precision CNC Machined 6061/T6 Aluminum. The smooth push button controller. Finishes Available in Satin, Polished, Synister Black.

Synister Black
$395.00$450.00 Select options

Velocity Vortex Billet Aluminum A/C Vent

Aftermarket A/C Vent made from Precision CNC Machined 6061/T6 Aluminum. Finish Available in Satin, Polished (Bezel Only), Synister Black

Synister Black
$150.00$220.00 Select options

Vapir 3 – S Compact Custom Air Conditioning Kit

The Vapir 3 – S Compact Climate Control System is similar to the Vapir 2 – S but with a new distribution duct design to give you independent adjustability between dash, defrost and floor modes. The Vapir 3 – S A/C system was designed to install on a smooth firewall with our multi-mount system.

1956 Bel Air “Legacy” RMD Garage is Restomod Air Equipped

Pushing over 550hp full custom build designed and built by RMD Garage and built for an amazing military family. Ralph Holguin crew built an amazing 56 Bel Air. It has the full custom that you would expect from RMD Garage but still has the classic vibe to appeal to everyone.

This Restomod Air Equipped Bel Air has the Haymaker II a/c system tucked under the dash. Restomod Air’s flagship A/C system and our largest system. Made specifically for full size vehicles with large interiors. The Haymaker II is our recommended system for any Bel Air. Our multi-mount system makes mounting the Haymaker II one of the easiest parts of your build.

RMD Garage decided to operate this Haymaker II with a Polished Slipstream with concave knobs controller. This controller set nicely in the custom console RMD Garage made. Looking like it always belong in the Bel Air the slipstream controller as designed to be smooth to the touch with straight lines and sharp crisp edge that create a sleekness and streamlined feel. Using three knobs for mode features (dash, floor, defrost) another for temperature settings (hot, cold, and everything in between) and variable speed fan knob.

To complete this aftermarket a/c system polished Diablo With Cap Screws Vortex a/c vents were used. Designed with a patented Concave/ Convex design that allows for two different looks simply by turning the vent ball this a/c vent was talked about at SEMA 2018. Definitely an eye catching a/c vent the Diablo With Cap Screws Vortex a/c vents shine in this Bel Air.