Restomod Air Custom A/C Kits & Parts

Restomod Air Products Included in Build

1956 “Boosted Bela” Bel Air built by Retro Designs is Restomod Air equipped with the Haymaker II, Reactor Controller, Diablo Dual Vane A/C vents.

Haymaker – S Custom Air Conditioning Kit

The Full Size Climate Control System with A/C & Heat with Infinite Blend between Dash, Defrost, and Floor. The Haymaker – S A/C system is designed for a flat firewall installation and is the top of the line, the most stylish, most powerful, and toughest aftermarket A/C Kit.

Reactor Horizontal Single Knob A/C Controls

Aftermarket A/C Controller made from Precision CNC Machined 6061/T6 Aluminum. The single knob controller. Finishes Available in Satin, Polished, Synister Black.

Synister Black
$500.00$600.00 Select options

Diablo With Cap Screws Dual Vane Billet Aluminum A/C Vent

Aftermarket A/C Vent made from Precision CNC Machined 6061/T6 Aluminum. Finish Available in Satin, Polished (Bezel Only), Synister Black.

Synister Black
$175.00$245.00 Select options

The Block/ Chevy Performance said:

“Lets talk about Restomod Air a second. They make absolutely stunning parts to finish off the look of your resto-mod, yet are still completely functional. And get this, we mentioned Restomod Air to Steve and Warren at The Custom Stitch Co. and their eyes lit up-they’ve wanted to work on a build with their products for a time now. When we connected with Restomod Air it was magic right away. Simply put, these guys get it. They know the custom automotive game like nobody’s business. We showed them the theme of the interior and they took it from there. They went full custom like only they can. Restomod Air made us stunning and custom vents to match our custom door handles that are made out of brass, and the A/C controls are even the same finish as the vents for a comprehensive approach to climate control. It’s this subtle attention to details that will keep the Bela beautiful forever. The difference in Restomod Air and other A/C guys are custom touches like bulkheads, vents, and controllers. You don’t get a few colors to choose from they work with you on the exact color you need!”

The 1956 “Boosted Bela” Bel Air has the Haymaker II tucked under the dash. The Haymaker II is a lot more than just a cooling and heating solution; it’s a technical marvel and the best performing system you can get anywhere.

Controlling the Haymaker II in the “Boosted Bela” is a custom brass anodized color to match their door handles. This was a must when this project was received. The Reactor controller is a Horizontal Single Knob. Sitting in the center console it is in perfect reach of the driver. The Reactor is the world’s first single knob controller that can control fan speed, temperature, and mode selection, all with LED indicators and state-of-the-art upgradability. Even the LED colors (and light intensity) are user programmable. RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, WHITE, MAGENTA, and CYAN!

The a/c vents were also colored match to the custom door handles. This who interior is amazing to see in person. These custom brass anodized color Diablo With Cap Screws Dual Vane A/C Vents just belong in this Bel Air. With out a doubt this is one of the sickest 56 we saw at SEMA 2015

The Block / Chevy Performance went on to say:

“When their packages arrive in the mail, you immediately know that you are dealing with a company on a new level. The attention to detail in their packaging is immediately noticeable. Some may say, well who cares about the packaging. We would say, that the devils in the details. When someone goes that far with their details like Restomod Air has, you have to stop and take notice. The details from them are over the top- much like Bela’s going to be. They are definitely the guys to get in touch with for high-end builds.”