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TruMOD A/C Kit for M998 HUMVEE – HMMWV

This black powder-coated all STEEL a/c kit was specifically engineered and designed for the AM General HUMVEE – HMMWV. Every angle, the placement on the vents, to the ease of use by the driver and the passenger. The attention to detail this Restomod Air system gives makes you feel like it always belonged in the HUMVEE – HMMWV. Giving you modern A/C, heat and dehumidified defrost from Restomod Air is a comprehensive decision. Don’t settle for the knock-off cheap plastic imitations. No one comes close to Restomod Air performance for military aftermarket a/c kits. Guaranteed! Patent Pending

$3,999.00$4,228.00 Select options

Restomod Air Military HUMVEE-HMMWV

When setting out for a new vehicle the HUMVEE-HMMWV was immediately voted in. The only issue was that having no a/c in the vehicle was not an option. So we did what we do best. We designed a system from the ground up for this HUMVEE-HMMWV.

This climate control system puts our “competition” to shame. We took a different approach to the engineering behind the system. Instead of focusing on a universal system that was cheap to make, we utilized the design of the HUMVEE – HMMWV. The evaporator cases are made from steel, powder coated and fully insulated which creates the coldest temperatures your HUMVEE – HMMWV has ever seen. Their computer-aided design and flexible duct hoses allow for the best performance. Designed to last a lifetime, the quality and attention to detail is evident in our systems.