Quantum Square A/C Vents -LIMITED TIME

Quantum SQUARED 01 1


*Pre-Order 8-8-19 Ships 2 weeks*

The Quantum Square vent is the A/C vent you have been waiting for. This squared vent has A dual-layered beveled housing with perfect 90-degree angles that rival any other vent on the market. The beveled angle design not only gives depth but produces custom look to the housing that no one else has. If you are looking for a bold but classic look the Quantum Square Vent does just that.

Sitting inside this precision CNC Machined Aluminum housing is a unique 8 vane square vent design. The Quantum Square 8 vanes start out flush with the housing and then dramatically shoot down towards the center to give a custom concave appearance that the Quantum series is known for.


The Quantum Square is perfect for those builders wanting straight lines and looking to get away from the “traditional” round  or rectangle vent styles. The Quantum Square Vent swivels on a 2-point hinge, this allows for maximum air distribution in your cab without cramping style. The entire Quantum Square Vent is made from Precision CNC Machined 6061/T6 Aluminum, not from cheap plastic like other “rectangle” vents. And since this vent is squared it can be mounted horizontally or vertically and swivel left-right or up-down while keeping the same look in your dash. And if you are wanting to pair up the Quantum Square vent with a round vent then take a look at any of our Split 5 balls f0r a perfect match.

This patented style is a true engineering marvel and made with top-notch materials. You get all Metal all the time with the Quantum series vents. You can feel the quality of the precision engineering and CNC machining in your hands. Stand out from the crowd with Quantum Series Air Conditioning Vents.


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