Quantum Custom Aftermarket A/C Parts | Air Conditioning Vents, Bulkheads, Controls & More

Quantum Custom Aftermarket A/C Parts

Our Quantum custom aftermarket a/c parts collection was designed with one thing in mind. To bring style to your pro touring build. But more than a style our Quantum series custom auto air conditioning parts collection it’s a statement of modern technology meets innovated design. A need to create more interesting parts for those who expect more out of their build. As always we’re featuring Precision CNC machined 6061/T6 aluminum parts and killer designs you except from Restomod Air. The Quantum series will take your Pro Touring or Restomod build’s air conditioning system to the next level with ultimate style and killer performance.


The Quantum collection comes from a desire to have clean and truly innovated parts the not only look Killer but perform better that anyone else on the market. Our Quantum series is bold, and first of a kind concave/convex design on our vents. We have always said if you can dream it, we can build it! The Quantum series is ours. The Quantum collection contains air conditioning control panels, bulkhead plates, and pro touring air conditioning vents that compliment each other. We’ve taken everything done in the A/C industry for the last 50 years and thrown it all into a ditch. Then we started with a clean slate and we’re breaking new ground and raising the bar more than just a few notches. Killer looks combined with ease of use. When thinking high-performance think Restomod Air.


In our quest to help you create a totally unique ride, you can order custom designs that compliment your individual build, from the metal finish to the color of your car and made to your specifications. Restomod Air is all about custom. Restomod Air is the one and only true leader in custom after-market air conditioning systems, accept no substitution.