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Restomod Air A/C Bulkheads

Are you looking for a way to improve the look of your engine bay when it comes to your a/c? An often-overlooked component of a Restomod Air kit is the a/c bulkhead. A Restomod Air bulkhead gives a professional finish to your build. Instead of having your a/c lines come through the firewall with hose grommets, you can mount one of our a/c bulkheads to tie in the a/c system with a purpose.

Bulkhead Plate Break Down

The bulkhead plate consists of your #6 liquid hose that connects to your drier. #10 suction hose that connects to your compressor. A 5/8” heater hose that goes to your intake manifold. And a 5/8” heater hose that connects to your electronic water valve.


We have many of our customers ask if there is a way to have their a/c and heater lines look more uniformed and professional looking. A Restomod Air a/c bulkhead is the perfect answer to this problem. If you ever need additional support check out our support page here.

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