Equipped with Restomod Air, NEW RELEASE, SEMA SHOW

Restomod Air SEMA 2019

Restomod Air booth at SEMA 2019 had the largest turn out ever! Thousands of attendees stopped in to see the Restomod Air booth. So many complements on the booth it was unreal. A huge thank you to Rustic Nail for a badass booth build. These guys worked their asses off for us. They took key design features from our products and interpreted it into the most amazing booth at SEMA. Their motto Design. Build. Create. Gather. and that happened perfectly.


D-100 In The Booth

Slammed_64s D-100 was a hit in the booth. This truck build was different from the other builds and brought out the best in what custom is. The vibe was a true fit with the Restomod Air booth. If you are interested in seeing more on this truck you can view more information here.

This build featured a new addition to the Restomod Air arsenal. Our all-aluminum construction and LED-backlit Quantum PODS A/C Controls that are perfect for those with limited dash space. these controls allow you to mount in any configuration you desire. You are not limited on just mounting in a straight horizontal line. Mount wherever and however you like.

This D-100 also has the original Quantum 8 Vane A/C vents with patented Concave/ Convex design that allows for two different looks simply by turning the vent ball. Having limited dash space on this build our NEW Nano 8 Vane A/C Vents were also incorporated. Nano’s Fit Where Other’s Don’t! The smallest and most very versatile air conditioning vent on the market. The Nano Vents are 7/8″ smaller in diameter than standard vents and perfectly match the originals.


Global Media Award Winner

SEMA Global Media Awards Program recognizes those companies that manufacture specialty equipment products and accessories that would have mass appeal to consumers in countries outside the United States. We released 11 NEW products at this years SEMA Show. Making us Restomod Air the most products entered. We are always working on new, better ways to bring you Ultimate Style, Killer Performance in aftermarket A/C. Restomod Air walked away with 3 Global Media Awards on some of these products. Each judge carefully reviewed and evaluated nearly 3,000 product entries at the SEMA Show before selecting the products. Hundreds of exhibitors at the 2019 SEMA Show were selected by international judges to win a 2020 Global Media Award.


Restomod Air Crew

Restomod Air had an amazing crew at SEMA this year that showed what Ultimate Style. Killer Performance really means. We showcased our cutting-edge style that is always improving year after year. With 11 NEW products entered at the SEMA Show no one can argue that. We showed why sub-par performance and plain vanilla flavoring by other companies is not acceptable in this industry any longer. Restomod Air pushes further or harder each year to bring the best to SEMA to truly give your build customizable cutting-edge style and high-performance cooling. If you are ready to give your vehicle the best technology hit us up.

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