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Restomod Air’s newest controller just got Synister

The Synister black POD controllers are now in at Restomod Air. Small, compact and sleek this controller works well in all dash styles. With an all 6061/T6 aluminum construction and LED indicators, these controllers are as sturdy as it is easy to adjust. Now controlling your Synister black PODS by Restomod Air system is even easier. With individual fan, mode, temp knobs, you can mount in your dash any way you want. The 3 knobs can either be mounted as a group or individually on your dash giving you the ultimate in customization. This is the Adaptable controller you have been looking for. The Synister black PODS have 4 different LED options Green, Red, Cyan, White. So color matching your interior is no problem.

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Restomod Air innovated POD controller design allows for easy adjusting during night driving. With a soft but vibrant LED lighting you can adjust your Restomod Air A/C system with out having a bright light shine right in your face. Everything thing about this controller was thought of and no corners are ever cut with a true Restomod Air design.

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The outer ring on the POD controller rotates 11 positions to give the maximum amount of adjustability you can get and inside the indicator ring there is a block out point to show the position you are in. Truly a brilliant design inside and out. Made from the highest quality materials these Precision CNC Machined 6061/T6 Aluminum controllers are anodized to Restomod Air’s Synister black. The blackest of the black! Each controller in handmade by our highly trained builders and go through a rigorous quality control inspection so you can be confident that your controller is perfect, every time.

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To install these Synister black Pod controllers all you need to do is find the desired location on your dash, drill a 1.62” hole 3 times, file the hole, slide the pod controller through and tighten the provided nut on to the controller from the back. This might possibly be the quickest and easiest part of your build.

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