Right Hand Drive A/C Kit

Restomod Air has Released the Cyclone Reverse – S A/C System

For those needing a kick-ass a/c system that is designed for right-hand drive vehicle we have the Cyclone Reverse – S is the kit for you. This right-hand Ultra-Compact kit comes with A/C & Heat with Infinite Blend between Dash, Defrost/Floor. Don’t let the small size fool you, this unit packs a ton of performance into that small space. The Cyclone Reverse – S is also perfect for applications that have small interiors and are a little unconventional.

Mounting is Simple

Our multi-mount system makes the installation of this right-hand custom A/C system a breeze. No need for fabricating brackets or visible bolt heads. Simply use the template, mark your firewall, weld studs/drill & use the included stainless hex head bolts.



When we have new technology available, it is plug & play. You can even remove the blower motor, expansion valve & thermostat for servicing with the evaporator still in the vehicle. Designed with the user in mind the S-SERIES wiring system with Switch Technology allows you to bounce back and forth between App, hard control, and remote control. Meaning you do not have to pick from having a controller mounted in your dash, remote control, or having the app downloaded on your mobile device. You can have it all! Yeah, that’s right.

Contact one of our Master Techs and see if the Cyclone Reverse – S is right for your build.

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