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S-Series A/C Kits

If you haven’t heard about Restomod Air’s S-Series A/C Kits, where the hell have you been? Restomod Air has thought of the builder/installer during the design process. We do this because we are car guys ourselves. We thought about all the things that would be nice to have in an a/c kit. Let me break it down for you real simple like. Let’s start with the wiring of all these kits.

Installation is the easiest it has ever been. I mean it’s 3 freaking cables man. It would only be easier if Restomod Air just did it for you. Restomod Air’s plug n play connections allow you to be confident in doing the installation yourself. There is ZERO guesswork here. Only three cables plug into the ECU. Power, Servo, and Controls; that’s it. There is a Bluetooth ECU “Brain” of the a/c system that these cables plug into. The ECU is clearly labeled and flashing LED lights to let you know what is going on every step of the way during installation.


We are all use to Bluetooth, so Restomod Air has made the S-Series kits Bluetooth enabled. Who else does this? So, what does Bluetooth enabled even mean? It means with every Restomod Air a/c system you will have the most advanced technology all the time. Your Restomod Air a/c system will evolve with every update and never will you have an outdated a/c system again. So that pretty dope. When there is a new feature created or an improvement implemented, your system will have it. You won’t have to call in and ask hey I heard you guys now have such and such, you will have the new thing automatically. No shipping out anything, just simply download.



What else is cool is you can control your S-Series a/c system with your mobile device and have a set of mounted controls in your vehicle if you want. You can even use our Remote control. With this remote controller no need to fab up anything, no need to cut holes in your dash, no wires to deal with. Restomod Air’s remote controller is perfect for the builder always trying to find a spot to hide a/c controls. With a minimalistic design, the Remote-Control fits easily in your pocket. We thought of everything. Seriously!



Restomod Air also knows troubleshooting on your vehicle is not part of the build process we enjoy the most. That is why we created an advanced diagnostics area on the S-Series app. Totally unheard of in the automotive industry we really went above and beyond on this. Like we said we are car guys and thought that it would be awesome if you did have a problem the app would tell you right off the bat, so you didn’t have to spend time chasing a wire making repair time is considerably quicker. A simple problem like incorrect voltage that you may have overlooked could cost you cash in a shop, where the S-SERIES wiring system can tell you in no time what happened. The Restomod Air diagnostics are incredible, unlike any other a/c manufacture on the market.


That’s the S-Series in a nutshell. Hit us up to learn more or check out the website. We have made the support section simple to navigate around to find exactly what you need.

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