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Bantam II Ultra Compact Custom Air Conditioning System


/ˈban(t)əm/ short for bantamweight.  A Small but aggressive person usually with a combative disposition.  That’s exactly why we named our newest edition to the Restomod Air family the “Bantam”  It’s the  smallest system on the market with the biggest baddest punch! It has a little chip on its shoulder with much to prove.

The Bantam is designed for very small interior applications where our Haymaker II, Vapir II or Vapir III systems will not fit.  Don’t let the small size fool you, this unit packs a ton of performance into that small space. This might be the most efficiently designed evaporator ever. It’s all our patent pending innovation in a case that measures 16.5 inches long, 7.25 inches deep, and only 10.75 tall.  This guy features separate Dash, Defrost, and Floor modes with infinite blending between all positions.

ALL our systems are engineered with large, separate A/C and heat coils (just like OEM systems). By using separate coils we improve the cooling and heating capacity of the total system. This makes you cooler much faster! Some of our competitors market small “street rod” type units that contain only one coil or know as a “common block” coil.  The overall size of the coil is compromised by circuiting heater tubes and A/C tubes into one coil, therefore creating less surface area to cool the air as it passes through the coil for less cooling capacity.

We also added new mounting features to make the installation of this custom A/C system even easier to mount into your Muscle car. We have perfected our multi-mount system which allows to keep a perfectly smoothed firewall with no unsightly bolt heads. We have included over 4 different ways to mount the ultra compact Bantam A/C system. We have now made custom mounting an A/C system easy by including over 5 different options. Fabricating brackets is not needed with our multi-mount system. Have included options for smooth firewall options and minimal abrasive mounting using supplied weldable and bolt-able studs and brackets. Simply use the included template, mark firewall and weld studs or drill.

Because of our excellent reputation for uncompromised quality, component selection and attention to detail is evident in all aspects of our product line! Every component was chosen on its superior design and quality rather than a low cost.


  • Separate A/C and Heating coils give us a much larger surface area for the airflow to go over, that means quicker temperature changes, greater range of temperatures, and more control of temperature. Engineered with carefully sized, large separate A/C and Heat coils just like factory (OE) systems. The separate coils improve the cooling and heating capacity of the total system. Ask the “other” guys if they have separate coils.




Serviceability, our cases can be opened and serviced. All of the Restomod Air systems are assembled using spring metal retainers and are screwed together to enable you to service the entire system. Just like OEM systems!




Our evaporator designs incorporate DirectFlow Evaporator and Heater coils. Direct contact with the coils without a maze of doors give you greater and more consistent airflow to the passenger compartment.




We utilize, SMOOTH high-impact ABS plastic on our evaporator cases. We use temperature controlled molding process to give uniform thickness overall. Just holding one of our air conditioning units in your hands you will feel the difference.




We utilize copper for longevity in our air conditioning AND heat coils, lets be honest aluminum is cheaper to manufacture and has a shorter life expectancy, ever replace a OEM coil?




State of the art High Output OEM style blower assemblies from SPAL with heat sink infinite speed controllers for thermal protection. Excellent air volume with less electrical amperage. This is very important when installing on older vehicles where the electrical systems are not upgraded to modern standards.



Simplified wiring system make the install easier and faster, plug and go!




No cables, Fully electronic with programmable ECU. We utilize the most current and up to date electrical programming on the market. Our “TOP SECRET” programming has been sought after by others, but we keep it exclusive to our customers. Never obsolete programming means that when we update with new advances you get them!



Screw drive servo motors are used for longevity with thousands of hours of cycle testing.




  • Large door openings for better airflow, just ask about airflow and you will see, larger openings means less restrictions.
  • Oh yeah, we even supply the A/C refrigerant hoses need to connect to a bulkhead fitting on the firewall, who else does that? nada!
  • Dehumidified defrost
  • Preset thermostat for the coldest temperatures and NO coil freeze over and no operator adjustments ever, turn on and sit back knowing you are always getting the coldest air
  • All backed by a 3 year bumper to bumper warranty, no hidden clauses here!
  • And you get your choice of vents from our Diablo P-38 and Synister collections at a greatly discounted rate.



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  • 16.5” X 7-1/2” X 10-3/4”
  • Assembly:
  • Hand built craftsmanship & quality
  • Multi-pass Inspection Process
  • Designed and Built in the USA!
  • Package Includes:
  • Evaporator Unit
  • discount on vents of your choice
  • 2 defrost ducts
  • electric water control valve
  • ECU board
  • all wiring harnesses
  • weldable threaded studs and nuts
  • weldable brackets with studs
  • Hex head bolts and nuts for though firewall mounting
  • bolted brackets for though firewall mounting
  • condensation drain tube
  • 6 heater hose clamps
  • all needed screws, bolts, washers
  • 15ft duct hose
  • installation instructions
  • personalized tech support
  • 3 year warranty on all parts
  • jealousy from members of your car club
  • 37 thoughts on “Bantam II Ultra Compact Custom Air Conditioning System

    1. tom says:

      im tryin to ac a 38 canadian pontiac coupe . what system do you recomend . also some where in your add someone was doing a 37 chevy coupe ,any chance of getting more pics on the install and what kindof vents and where they were placed ??

      1. Hey Tom,
        You can you use the Bantam in your coupe. Do you remember where you saw the post?

    2. jeff wallace says:

      bantam 2 mock up available now? and, I have an R4 delco 1997 vintage compressor, is it compatable with the bantam?…14x 18 condenser size


      1. Hey Jeff,
        it’s not design to work with that compressor, we do have a compressor and a bracket that can help set you up.

    3. Russ says:

      Do you have a comparison of cooling capacity for your various systems?

      1. Hey Russ,
        There is no comparison, we use the largest coil in the industry and Spal blower motor with a pass thru design.

    4. Andrew Maconochie says:

      Just wondering if the Bantam unit can be mounted with the blower unit on the LHS, looking to install something in a RHD Toyota FJ45.

      1. Hey Andrew,
        You will have to create a mounting bracket to attach to our mounting bracket.

    5. Keith says:

      Setting up our old 65 mustang for some new editions. Don’t have a/c but we will have it. What would you recommend for this year car? Would like to add more duct work and a/c registers?
      I appreciate the information and knowledge you can definitely shed on this.

      1. Hey Keith,
        The Vapir would be a good fit, all of our vents are designed to go into the dash. You can give Steve at our sister company Classic Auto Air a call at 877-342-5526 Ext 8024, he can give you some options there.

    6. Gar Clapham says:

      What are the overall dimensions for the Bantam with hoses and ducts attached? In other words, the dimensions of the space needed to clear the installation. Great looking HVAC !!! Many thanks, G

      1. Hey G,
        These are the dimensions of the Bantam 16.5” X 7-1/2” X 10-3/4”, you can add about an inch in height for the hoses.

    7. Clint says:

      I’m dropping. 2006 5.7 Hemi from 300C in my hot rod project
      Can I use the existing AC pump with your system? Or do I need to change that compressor out with something else?

      1. Hey Clint,
        Yes you can, you can check with Bouchillon to see if they have a bracket to help with the compressor. If not you can bypass it to the manifold, which you can cost you $75.

    8. Phil emery says:

      Got a 1934 Chevy pickup wanting to put the bantam in? Got any pick of one installed in a truck that old?

      1. Hey Phil, that unit is design for tight spaces. I will see if I can locate some pictures and email them to you.

    9. Frank says:

      Hi, does this kit come with all the hi/low, clutch cycling sensors?

      1. Hey Frank, we don’t have kits. We sell complete systems, we sell them a la carte and it would include the Hi/Lo pressure switch.

    10. Lea Insalaco says:

      Okay, I am totally not a car person but I recently bought a 1984 Monte Carlo Coupe. She’s a lovely old Beast of a car but she did not originally come with AC. I am contemplating putting one in but I want to keep the dash looking original so I don’t want to add new vents or anything like that. What would be the best one to have installed and are any of them something a layperson could install or does it really require a mechanic for in-depth work?

      1. Hi Lea, we are an all custom company. You can give our sister company Classic Auto Air a call, they can be reached at 877-342-5526. Any of the guys there would be happy to assist you.

    11. Mark says:

      I’m looking for a system for my ’79 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ41. The only catch is that this beast runs a 24 volt electrical system. Do you guys have anything that could accommodate cooling this thing down during Okinawa’s hot and humid summers?

      1. Hey Mark, we have nothing for the 24 volts it has to be 12 volts. The Haymaker II system would be the best fit for your needs.

    12. […] have what you want. From our Ultra Compact system the Bantam to our Full size system Haymaker II. Nothing about Restomod Air is “cookie cutter”. Don’t […]

    13. Chuck Causey says:

      I am building a 78 Dodge W350 crew cab(4 door) with a 5.9 cummins. Of the different systems available which will best fit my truck? I dont need compressor brackets, just compressor. I want all electrical, no vacuum. Thank you

      1. Gary says:

        Chuck please give me a ring to talk about your build Gary 866.784.4278

    14. Gary says:

      Al all my systems are custom installs ,give me a call to discuus your build

    15. Gary says:

      CARSON please give me a ring Gary 866.784.4278

    16. Joshua Miller says:

      Have a bagged and bodied 1998 s10 with minimal room under the dash. I was wondering if you have had anyone use this for that kind of application. I cant use stock blower box , etc bc of wheel tubs for the 20’s

      1. Gary Wayman says:

        maybe use our Bantam give me a call 866.784.4278 Gary

    17. kyle says:

      building a 71 240z and wanted a small heat/ ac unit to replace the stock bits. would need a complete system, compressor, condenser, brackets, etc- would love to use stock control panel for heat/ cold and fan speed, possible?

    18. Ben says:

      Do you have empty mockup units available? I need to make sure it would fit… measurements aren’t the whole story. I tried the Vapir II mockup and thought it was going to fit, but it was just a bit too tight.

      1. Gary Wayman says:

        Ben I sure do its out on loaner right now, but should be back in a week or so. it runs 119.00 + shipping and is refundable less shipping if returned in 30 days Gary 866.784.4278

    19. Dennis says:

      I am customizing my 1969 Dodge D-100 Sweptline truck. What do you recommend for the AC build?

      1. Gary Wayman says:

        Dennis, the bantam will blow you out of the cab.If you get some time give me a call so I can get an idea of your tastes and your build. I sure I can get you fixed up. Gary 866.784.4278 Ext.108

    20. Chance says:

      I’m restoring a 48 Chevy COE. I’m thinking the bantam is a good choice, but maybe just an under dash would be best do to lack of area to put vents. But, I like the all in one heater/a/c cpu controlled units idea. I’m torn, and also don’t have a good idea how to put defrost vents in this shallow dash. Don’t want a cobbled mess. Also, I’m gonna be making this a mid engine truck. Should be no issue running the lines that far right. I’m not an a/c guy, haha. And….will I be able to use my condenser from this dodge with your systems….will the compressor be compatible….are all the line fittings standard?? Thanks man, awesome site and products bud..

      1. Gary Wayman says:

        Chance, Bantam will blow you out of the cab.As far as vents you have 4 outlets but you don’t need to use the all.I have a wide selection of defrost ducts to choose from.Let me know what dodge engine you are using I may have a bracket for it to use a Sanden Type compressor(sometimes its hard to find a manifold block to connect our hoses) Please give me a call and I can get a little better idea of your taste and your build!!

        Gary @ 866.784.4278 ext. 108

    21. Gary Wayman says:

      Adam the bantam is 17-1/2 x 7-1/2 x 10-3/4 and compressor there is 2 available

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