Black Single Vane Underdash Air Conditioning Unit Only


Cool only, compact, easy to install blacked out single vane under dash air conditioning system.


This is our version of the common ” knee-freezer” , “crotch cooler”, under dash or whatever you want to call this air conditioning unit. This is a A/C only evaporator unit that mounts to the bottom edge of your dashboard.

Why Restomod Air? We utilize a high torque dual shaft blower motor to a correctly sized evaporator coil design to give hands down the most efficient under dash air conditioning evaporator on the market today.

The under dash air conditioning unit is a cool only unit that contains the evaporator coil, blower motors and controls for fans speed and temperature control. This is the evaporator unit only and used in conjunction with a condenser, compressor, receiver/drier, and hoses to connect all the components together. Here is a link to help understand the components of a complete system.