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Haymaker II Custom Air Conditioning System


The undisputed champ has won another bout! This full sized custom air conditioning system! With all the best features as before but even better. With an infinite speed blower control. Who wants 3 speed increment blower control? Sh!t, not me! We now have 11 speed increments to get you the perfect blowing you deserve! What’s that mean to you? Well, my friend, you can use the most modern A/C controller, the Reactor!

We also added new mounting features to make the installation of this custom A/C system even easier to custom mount to your Custom car. Utilizing our multi-mount system allows you to keep a perfectly smoothed out firewall. We have included over 4 different ways to mount the full sized custom A/C system. We have now made custom mounting an A/C system easy by including over 5 different options. Welded options for body phase and bolted options for completed cars. Click here for more info.

The Haymaker… our flagship A/C system and our largest system. Made specifically for full size vehicles with large interiors. It’s a lot more than just a cooling and heating solution, it’s a technical marvel and the best performing system you can get anywhere. We took all our best ideas and innovations and put them into one, complete system. Many of these innovations are patented exclusive features only available from us. If we had competition… which we don’t, they’d be down and out for the count…

Because of our excellent reputation for un-compromised quality, component selection and attention to detail is evident in all aspects of our product line! Every component was chosen on its superior design and quality rather than a low cost. 

ALL our systems are engineered with large, separate A/C and heat coils (just like OEM systems). Some of our competitors market small “street rod” type units that contain only one coil or know as a “common block” coil.  The overall size of the coil is compromised by circuiting heater tubes and A/C tubes into one coil, therefore creating less surface area to cool the air as it passes through the coil for less cooling capacity. Remember, smaller is never better when it comes to coil/case size! Size matters.


  • Separate A/C and Heating coils give us a much larger surface area for the airflow to go over, that means quicker temperature changes, greater range of temperatures, and more control of temperature. Engineered with carefully sized, large separate A/C and Heat coils just like factory (OE) systems. The separate coils improve the cooling and heating capacity of the total system. Ask the “other” guys if they have separate coils.

Serviceability, our cases can be opened and serviced. All of the Restomod Air systems are assembled using spring metal retainers and are screwed together to enable you to service the entire system. Just like OEM systems!



Our evaporator designs incorporate DirectFlow Evaporator and Heater coils. Direct contact with the coils without a maze of doors give you greater and more consistent airflow to the passenger compartment.




We utilize, SMOOTH high-impact ABS plastic on our evaporator cases. We use temperature controlled molding process to give uniform thickness overall. Just holding one of our air conditioning units in your hands you will feel the difference.




We utilize copper for longevity in our air conditioning AND heat coils, lets be honest aluminum is cheaper to manufacture and has a shorter life expectancy, ever replace a OEM coil?




State of the art High Output OEM style blower assemblies from SPAL with heat sink infinite speed controllers for thermal protection. Excellent air volume with less electrical amperage. This is very important when installing on older vehicles where the electrical systems are not upgraded to modern standards.



Simplified wiring system make the install easier and faster, plug and go!




No cables, Fully electronic with programmable ECU. We utilize the most current and up to date electrical programming on the market. Our “TOP SECRET” programming has been sought after by others, but we keep it exclusive to our customers. Never obsolete programming means that when we update with new advances you get them!



Screw drive servo motors are used for longevity with thousands of hours of cycle testing.




  • Large door openings for better airflow, just ask about airflow and you will see, larger openings means less restrictions.
  • Oh yeah, we even supply the A/C refrigerant hoses need to connect to a bulkhead fitting on the firewall, who else does that? nada!
  • Dehumidified defrost
  • Preset thermostat for the coldest temperatures and NO coil freeze over and no operator adjustments ever, turn on and sit back knowing you are always getting the coldest air
  • All backed by a 3 year bumper to bumper warranty, no hidden clauses here!
  • And you get your choice of vents from our Diablo P-38 and Synister collections at a greatly discounted rate. Click the links below to browse some of our custom a/c vent collections.



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  • 24” X 8 ¾” X 10”
  • Available Finishes:
  • black ABS plastic standard
  • Burled wood
  • gray skulls
  • carbon fiber
  • Assembly:
  • Hand built craftsmanship & quality
  • Multi-pass Inspection Process
  • Designed and Built in the USA!
  • Package Includes:
  • Evaporator Unit
  • discount on vents of your choice
  • 2 defrost ducts
  • 2 heater floor dumps
  • electric water control valve
  • ECU board
  • all wiring harnesses
  • weldable threaded studs and nuts
  • weldable brackets with studs
  • Hex head bolts and nuts for though firewall mounting
  • bolted brackets for though firewall mounting
  • condensation drain tube
  • 6 heater hose clamps
  • all needed screws, bolts, washers
  • 15ft duct hose
  • Suction A/C hose
  • Liquid A/C hose
  • heater hose
  • 4 A/C fittings
  • installation instructions
  • personalized tech support
  • 3 year warranty on all parts
  • jealousy from members of your car club
  • 84 thoughts on “Haymaker II Custom Air Conditioning System

    1. Zachary Franklin says:

      I have a 1965 impala SS factory air car that has undergone a frame off resto. New LS3 motor . Need to know: which system would work best for my needs ? How long would you need the vehicle ? And based on your current work load when could you start if I brought it in?

      1. Hey Zach, we don’t do installs but the Haymaker II would be the best system for your car.

    2. Mitch Halgren says:

      ’55 Pontiac 2 dr sedan on a stretched ’78 Caprice chassis/305/350 thm. The Caprice had factory air but I’m down to the engine brackets and a tired compressor. Currently using a heater system adapted from a ’72 F100 in order to heat both sides around the console. Ideas? Ballpark cost? Thank You…..

      1. Gary says:

        haymaker II for complete system starting at 2500 Gary 866.784.4278

    3. Jasey says:

      No reply started a conversation

      1. Gary says:

        Jasey so I was at lunch what can I help you with

    4. Gary says:

      I don’t see anywhere mentioned, what type refrigerant is used in your systems. I assume R-134a. Is this correct??

    5. Matthew says:

      I need an A/C system for my 1992 Dodge W250. Which system would work best. I am not using the original dash and entire original system is being pulled out… It will be custom built with the roll cage. Once I find the A/C of choice. The truck will be a full time camping rig in all kinds of weather. From Arizona heat to Canada cold. My truck also isn’t properly insulated yet either.

      1. Gary says:

        Mattew we can get you fixed up give me a ring we can talk about your build Gary 866.784.4278

    6. Patrick says:

      I have a 1974 Corvette with factory air. I’ve performed an LS3/LSA supercharged gen 3 engine swap, and have already updated the condenser and installed a Sanden style compressor. Even though the AC works, being an HVAC tech, I get to see plenty of outdoor heat, and the last thing I want is sub-par AC in my car. There are other options, but none of them can offer a no regrets looking solution in my opinion. I’m willing to replace the entire cabin portion of the system. What is the suggested system for this application?

    7. Shane says:

      I have a 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser that I’m doing a frame-off resto on, including dropping a 6.2/4l65e in her. I’d like to spend some time with you and design a system appropriate for the size of the interior. I’ll try you tomorrow or Monday. Thanks-

      1. Gary says:

        Shane sounds great 866.784.4278 Gary

    8. Bruce says:

      I have a 1967 Lincoln Continental that believe it or not, does not have factory air. I’m hearing fantastic things about your setups. Here’s my situation, I really A/C in my Lincoln but I want it to look as factory as possible. I really don’t want it to look like an add on. I’m also a shade tree mechanic, Not a pro by any means. Can I do a successful install myself or do you recommend a pro? So I need a full setup from condensor, compressor, electrical, vents, hoses, controls etc etc. Is this what comes with your kits or do I need other parts besides the kit of my choice. I’m really ready to do this, can you help? Thanks

      1. Gary says:

        Bruce I can get you fixed up with all you will need , it’s best to give me a call Gary 866.784.4278

    9. John says:

      I have A 46 Chevy fleetline 2dr Sedan
      there is an older home made under seat unit
      in unit that has never performed vey well I would like to keep unit under seat as A/C lines are hidden in fenders and everything has been removed from firewall

      1. Gary says:

        John i can help you 4 sure give me a call 866.784.4278 Gary

    10. Dave says:

      Is this compatible with a 1981 Chevy K10? Vehicle currently only has heat capability.

      1. Gary says:

        Dave my systems will give you heat air & defrost, give me a ring to talk about your build 866.784.4278 Gary

    11. Dominick says:

      do you have a kit that will work in my 1940 Ford ?

      1. Gary says:

        call me @ 866.784.4278 Gary

    12. Darrel says:

      I have an 1987 monte carlo ss and I swapped to a 396 and wanted to keep heat and ac do you have a kit for me to keep it and clean up engine bay?

    13. John Keats says:

      Hi Gary,
      G’Day from Australia. I just bought a 54 Plymouth and need air & heating, just starting to rebuild the 230ci flat top 6cyl it has no power steer and currently no defrost vents either, which means I need extra brackets to mount compressor etc and to modify the dash.
      Can I use any other condensor, evaporator and compressor on the motor or is it best to get yours? will I need a specific size to match the unit?
      ps can you email the reply please

    14. George Marquise says:

      My 440 powered ’65 Dodge Coronet is currently being worked on at Riggs Restoration, Jay suggested a RestoMod AC system since I am a new transplant from upstate New York to Fort Worth TX …. My car is a non air ,non original 440 cid two door hardtop ….I want a complete kit for Jay to install, seems the kits don’t include the compressor, evaporator….that is because everyone needs something different when it comes to those items?
      I wan to hope the haymaker ll would fit my B Body……

      1. Gary Wayman says:

        George this is gary I heard you talked to Jon on friday. I have got what you need Jay and I talked a week or so ago. give me a call when you get a chance. Gary 866.784.4278 ext. 708

    15. Harold Woldseth says:

      That is a Ford F1 pickup and I need everything that it takes for the air /heat unit. Thanks for your recommendation.

    16. Harold Woldseth says:

      I have a 1949 first pickup. What would be compatible with the flathead v8 and how much am I investing for the unit you would propose?

      1. Gary Wayman says:

        Harold, VapirII is going to blow you out, I have a flathead bracket ,truck needs to be 12 volt. Please give me a call to talk about your build
        Gary 866.784.4278

    17. nathan quadrio says:

      HI do you do a aircon kit to suit a 1968 Lincoln continental, due you do a kit or will one of the haymaker kits work in its place?

      1. Gary Wayman says:

        Nathan, yeah man we have a 62 Lincoln and the Haymaker II is in it. need to know some details about your build, Give me a call 866.784.4278 Gary ext. 108

    18. Tom Fraser says:

      I have a 1960 Buick Le Sabre convertible which is lacking A/C. As I live in central California where the temp can exceed 100 degrees for weeks at a time even a convertible needs A/C. The car is stock with heat & defrost. What do I require and how much might I expect to pay for a complete system for this boat?

      1. Gary Wayman says:

        Tom the haymaker II will give you heat/air/defrost. they run around 2000.00 to 3500.00 depends on your tastes and how custom you are looking for

    19. Keng says:

      I have a 73 toyota celica and i was wondering if you guys carry all the components i need to install it into my vehicle?

    20. Phillip Gain says:

      I have a 1992 F350 crew cab XLT. And I live in Las Vegas. My old R12 system was replaced, and upgraded to R134. But it’s WEAK. I want to replace it.

      The Haymaker II sounds like what I need. Can you email me with info and cost?

      What components will I keep? What will be replaced? Will I retain factory controls for mode / temp / fan? Or will those be replaced?

    21. Lashon Miller says:

      I have a 71 chevelle which came with factory ac and heat, but I’ve already started stripping everything down to smooth the firewall for an Ls swap. There shouldn’t be any issues running your Haymaker II correct?


      1. Jon says:


        You are absolutely correct. The Haymaker II was made for a smooth firewall! We got you covered from front to back and everywhere in between with your a/c brother, even the brackets for your ls. Can’t wait to start working with you on your 71 Chevelle.

    22. James Mcevoy says:

      Do you have a dealer in Australia ?
      If not can you air freight to Australia and what would the cost be to send your haymaker kit?

      1. Jon says:

        There are a couple of shops in Australia, but depending on where you are it may be difficult to get to them. In any case, we can definitely air freight to Australia. For the Haymaker II and all that would entail a kit, shipping would more than likely be in the $350-400 range, due to the dimensions and weight of a full kit. If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call or leave a comment. We can be reached at 866.784.4278

    23. Charles Sims says:

      I have a 1951 chevy bel-Air 2 dr Ht 6 cyl 235 Cid , I want AC & Heat what would best unit for this car and what would Complete Unit Cost me

      1. Jon says:


        Thank you for your interest in Restomod Air! The cost for a complete unit for your ’51 would be in the area of $2200-2400, depending on the style and finish of the controls, vents and bulkhead you choose. As far as the best unit for your ride is concerned, the best method of finding out would be to make a mock up box out of cardboard and see which unit will fit the best. Although either of our units are capable of turning your Bel Air into a refrigerator, the Haymaker II is the unit I would recommend. If the Haymaker II does not fit, the Vapir II will work just as well. The dimensions of the Haymaker II are 24 5/8″ wide, 8 3/4″ deep and 10″ tall. The Vapir II is 20″ wide, 7 1/8″ deep and 9 1/2″ tall. Give us a call at 866.784.4278 for further info on our products.


    24. heistand says:

      I need a new a/c unit…more modern efficient for 1979 Cadillac deville…..factory old outdated system does not work…something like haymaker2

    25. Jeff says:

      I am in the middle of a frame off restoration of my 1978 Ford Bronco (Gen 2 …. the first year of the full size Bronco with cabs similar to the F150 truck) and need an AC/Heat solution. that WILL: 1) fit in the truck without major modifications, and 2) cool the entire cab on a Texas summer day (100 degree plus). It would also be great if it could reuse the factory controls. All indications are I will need a AC system rated between 18,000 and 22,000 BTU’s of cooling. Can you give me the BTU ratings of your Haymaker unit, the throughput of its fan

    26. Mike says:

      I just purchased a 1968 442. It is restored, but does not have AC unit, just heat/defrost. What unit would work? and exactly what kit, parts to fully install. Cost? Thanks

      1. Jon says:


        Thank you for your inquiry about Restomod Air systems! The best setup for you would be our Haymaker II unit, vents/controls/bulkhead to your styling and liking, hose kit, condenser/drier, compressor and compressor mount. All in all, you would be looking at a price range between $2000-2700 depending on the finishes and interior parts you choose. For a more exact estimate, feel free to give me a call at 866-784-4278 and I will get you set up with the coldest air this side of Antartica!


    27. Nick says:

      what do you have to fit in an early bronco that will keep the little bronco cold in the Texas heat in August.

    28. Doug says:

      Has anyone installed one of your units in a early bronco (1969)? Did you get any feedback on the install?

      1. hollywood says:

        Whats up Doug,

        We have had numerous guys put the Vapir II unit in the early bronco. I believe the Haymaker II will be a little large. With the Vapir II it’s a straight forward install. Mounting us a simple as taping the mounting template to the firewall and match drilling the 4 mounting points and bolt in, or tack weld the included mounting studs for a smooth firewall look. The next step is the plug and play wiring and running the ducting hoses for the defrost ducts and dash vents. For controls we can provide just knobs for a clean understaded appearance or you can use any air conditioning controller that Restomod Air manufactures. We can provide everything you need for a complete install including condenser with mounting brackets, drier, tubes and refrigerant hoses, A/C compressor and engine mount or just the parts you are lacking. Hopefully this helps but if you would like more info I can give you call and discuss over the tele.

    29. Mike Armstrong says:

      I have a 1986 FORD E-150 Van. Krazy custom, . Looking at upgrading my system. What else is needed to make this complete AC system. Other than the AC compressor. Thanks

      1. Jon says:


        Thank you for your question and interest in Restomod Air! Other than the a/c compressor, you would need the Haymaker II, controls, vents, a bulkhead, condenser, drier and hose kit. For your E-150 I would also recommend running a slave system such as the Vapir II for the back of the van. That way you can literally turn your krazy custom van into an arctic blizzard. Call us at 866-784-4278 and let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.


    30. Kelly says:

      Does the Haymaker Kit come with the controls or are they purchased separately?

      I’m excited to get AC in my family hauling 70 Chevelle wagon!

      1. Jon says:


        Thank you for your interest in Restomod Air and your great question! When you purchase the Haymaker, you will receive everything you need to mount the unit and run your lines to the firewall. However, given the custom nature and customer centered approach to Restomod Air, controls, vents and bulkheads are purchased separately so that you the customer has complete control over what parts you want in your car. Pick the parts you like and that fit the style of your ride, and we will get them to you! We also do anodizing in a variety of colors to further suit the custom edge of any build.

    31. Matthew Miller says:

      Man i think yall have an awesome product. I have been looking at it regularly dreaming about which one i want and what vents and such. I looked at a few other aftermarket units and this one seems to top them hands down. I dont have a super old ride. I have an 87 C-10 truck that i am redoing from the ground up and i hate the AC units that came in these trucks. They just sucked. I also hate all that crap on the firewall under the hood. I am doing a 5.3L LC9 engine swap in mine and i would like to clean up my firewall and move everything inside. Im not looking to get to extremely wild with my truck. I just want it to look cool and ride and drive good. Realiabilty really. Do you think i would have any problem mouting one of these units inside? Thanks Man.

      1. Jon says:


        First let me say thank you for your question and your interest in Restomod Air!!! In regards to your question, I usually recommend the vapir II for any truck applications, however I would say that if you can fit the haymaker you will be guaranteed that you will have icicles hanging off your face. The best thing to do is assess the kind of room you have under your dash. By taking some cardboard and making an improvised mock up box to the dimensions of 24 5/8” in width (from driver to passenger), 10” in height and 8 ¾” in depth, you will be able to determine what you can fit in your truck. As far as installation goes, it sounds like your goal is to smooth out the firewall. Not only will that clean up your engine compartment but it will make installation a breeze. The only issue you will face is choosing which unit will fit the best. For reference, the Vapir is 20” in width (driver-passenger), 9 ½” in height and 7 1/8” in depth

    32. Van says:

      I have 1957 Willys Station Wagon 4X4, that has a factory heater on the firewall in engine bay. I am doing a total restoration. Everything will come off body if it is bolted on. Everything will be media blasted and repainted. Firewall will be cleared. Factory turbocharged V6 from 1978 installed with TH400, more interior insulation, plush interior. I want air conditioning and heat. What are your suggestions?

      1. Jon says:


        First off let me just say thank you for your interest in Restomod Air!!! Second, sounds like you have got yourself a sweet ride! If you have the room for it, I would suggest the Haymaker II, simply due to its unmatched performance. If you want a/c and heat that is unparalleled and worthy of the work and customization you are planning for your willy’s wagon, then look no further. With your choice of controls, vents and bulkhead, you have complete control over the look and feel of your ride. With Restomod Air, you don’t have to settle for a cheap looking a/c system only to try and hide it out of the way. You can display your vents and show off your controls with pride as they accent your build. Made out of high quality billet aluminum, our parts are guaranteed to last and look great for years to come. L would suggest the reactor single knob controller, our rallye or diablo vents the haymaker II and a diablo bulkhead. From there it depends on what you need under the hood

    33. Christopher says:

      I have a 1966 chrysler newport hardtop 4 door.
      I LIVE IN MIAMI !!
      Needless to say it is very very hot.

      Entire engine has been rebuilt
      And many many steering components have been upgraded

      What product would u suggest for this car?
      Can anyone install this ?

      1. Jon says:


        Thank you for your question and you interest in Restomod Air! That is a sweet car you got there brother! For your ride I would suggest the Haymaker II. Its got the punch you need to knockout the Summer heat and will cool you and all your passengers too, effectively turning your car into a walk-in fridge! The beauty of Restomod Air is that all of our parts and kits are designed for the everyday joe and can be installed by anyone. If you desire a shop, any classic car restoration shop should know their way around aftermarket a/c. We are always here for you so when are ready, give us a ring at 866-784-4278 and we will get your newport to go polar!!!

    34. Michael says:

      I am in AZ and have a 1971 F100 Ford pickup that already has an aftermarket air and the original heater. Nether cut it for cool or heat, yes it does get cold in AZ. Which of you units would you recommend for my pickup?

      1. Jon says:


        Thank you for your question and interest in Restomod Air! For your 71 I would recommend the vapir II, simply due to its size. It is just about as powerful as the Haymaker II but allows for more compact installation. The Vapir II measures 20” in length, 9.5” in height and 7.125” wide and should fit very well under the dash of your truck. Depending on your build, we can supply every need you may have, from hoses and fittings to your controls and vents and everything in between. We are your source for ultimate style and killer performance!

    35. Benjy says:

      Which of your systems would you recommend for installation in a 66 Mustang Coupe?

      1. Jon says:

        Thank you for the great question and your interest in Restomod Air!! In answer to your question, I think that either system would function fantastically, with the haymaker being my number one choice for power and functionality. Ultimately, however, it would all come down to the room you have behind the dash. The Haymaker II is 24 5/8” long, 8 ¾” wide and 10” tall. The Vapir II is 20” long, 7 1/8” wide and 9 ½” tall. What I would do is make a mock up with cardboard to those dimensions and see which fits the best. Once fitment is determined, all that is left is just picking out the parts you like the most, from controls to bulkheads and everywhere in between.

    36. Gary Valdez says:

      I have a 67 Camaro RS a non factory air car was wondering how much of kit do you have. I removed the original heater and smoothed the firewall. Also can I use my factory controls. Thanks

      1. Jon says:

        Thank you for your question and your interest in Restomod Air!!! You got a sweet ride on your hands there brother and the good news is we can hook you up with the coldest air this side of Antarctica! Our Haymaker II unit would be the best fit for your Camaro and the fact that you smoothed the firewall makes installation that much easier! As far as controls go, we have what is called a Direct Electronic Replacement control that is designed to imitate the OEM controls while providing the newest technologies in aftermarket a/c. If you are adamant about using your factory controls, there is another option you can take. The option is to use a unit similar in size to the Haymaker that has a 3 speed motor vs. the Haymaker’s variable speed fan, thus providing the ability to use factory controls. The option is ultimately up to you, and we are here to help you either way.

    37. Thomas Kimble says:

      I have a 1973 Gran Torino Sport with factory AC, looking to update, would still like to use factory vents (defrost and dash maybe floor. Any suggestions?

      1. Jon says:

        First let me say thank you for your interest in Restomod Air and your question! We do have the ability of turning your Torino into a meat locker, using your factory vents to do the job. Whether you are looking to retain the stock look for your controls or want to go with something that will be completely custom and turn heads, the choice is up to you. We can help you either way.


    38. George says:

      I would like to know the noise level the blower makes in the higher speed settings.
      I have a 55 Chevy Belair with a aftermarket unit, make unknown that cools well but is noisy in the high position on the fan. Does the Haymaker II really perform better then the other units on the market?

      1. Jon says:

        Thank you for your question and for your interest in Restomod Air!!! In answer to your question, let me first say that the noise level of the Haymaker II is comparable to that of a modern car. The cooling power of the Haymaker II is like nothing I have ever experienced in aftermarket a/c. I have had some modern cars that didn’t cool like our a/c. Utilizing two separate coils that are the largest in the aftermarket a/c/ business, we can promise you that you will freeze in the summer and melt in the winter. Our a/c units also have preset thermostats set to the coldest temperature possible to provide you with a/c cold enough to turn your car into a walk in fridge. The SPAL blower motors/fans that we use provide and extreme amount of power and variable speed, while keeping the volume of noise to a minimum. You will know the a/c is on but it wont drown out your voice or radio.

    39. Nicholas Christie says:

      Subject Mercedes Benz 1965 600 (W100) restoration.
      About the trunk mounted Haymaker II in your Death Valley Camaro ,is it a/c only? If it is a/c only does it only get its air (return air) from the vent between the rear seats( the one with your logo) or is there another source as well. If the trunk mounted Haymaker II in the Camaro is both heat and A/C what magic is used to get air to the unit. I am thinking that in heater mode the air will have to come from outside the car. In the 600 the rear heater gets it air from outside the car thru grilled vents at the D pillars and the rear a/c from a air return vent inside the car in the parcel shelf. Lastly is it possible to know ruffly the heating and cooling BTU’S and fan CFM’S of the Haymaker II.
      thank you,
      Nicholas Christie
      Virginia beach Virginia

      1. Jon says:

        Thanks for your question and interest in Restomod Air! Our Camaro was an awesome project and really pushed the envelope in classic car air conditioning and put our name on the map. We took our Haymaker II unit and sealed it in a plenum box so that only the air from inside the car would be cooled and recirculated. The Haymaker II we manufacture uses recirculated air to cool and heat the car, using a spal blower motor that turns 320 CFMs. Since testing for BTUs has so much variance, I don’t have that data available for any of our units.
        No magic was used in the production of air for the car from the trunk unit. Since the units have blower fans and internally heated and cooled coils (with the use of refrigerant/heater lines), there is no need for outside air. In fact, the trunk unit in the Camaro was encased in a box to seal in the cabin air. The rear unit would then be used to recirculate and cool the air being produced by the front unit, making the Camaro one slick piece of ice.

        Thanks again,

    40. Jeff Hammond says:

      I’m building a 1953 Chevrolet car with a 1977 454 engine. Do you sell a complete kit for this, including the compressor and condenser? What kind of cost would this be? Thanks.

      1. dwight says:

        I apologize for the delay in responding to your question. It’s been very cold here with a lot of ice. Think how cold it would be without global warming.
        We can pull the components that you select and assemble a custom package for you. Or, if you choose to purchase just the components that you need to finish a certain stage of the build. We are here to work with you.
        Are you planning on a billet bulkhead plate for your firewall or just rubber grommets?
        We also have the Restomod Drive serpentine belt kits which include a Sanden compressor, Power Master 140 amp alternator, an Edelbrock water pump, and if equipped with power steering, the Mavel Mfg power steering pump.
        The price of the components will depend on which control panel you select as well as the vents and other custom components. We do not sell kits because all of the components that are needed in your build are chosen by you and not what some bean counter in the back room thinks you need.
        Give us a call and we can go over your build and the components that you need.

    41. Jason Mace says:

      I’ve got a 62 International Scout 80 that I want to put AC in. The top that it currently has is huge, so the max cooling I can get in there is a good thing. I’m planning on making a cardboard box to see what will fit under the dash but room is at a premium. Does the haymaker really provide that much cooling over the vapir? And I assume that both units have the ability for a defrost setting.

      Thanks for your time.

      1. dwight says:

        I apologize for the delay in responding to your question. It’s been very cold here with a lot of ice on the roads.
        Now to answer your question concerning the cooling capability of the two evap units:
        Size does matter! Think of it this way, would the same home HVAC system be used in an 1,800 sq ft house and a 3,000 sq ft house? Unlike professional athletes, the system can only put out 100%. If you have the room, go with the Haymaker. You can always turn it to the lowest blower speed. If you only have enough room for the Vapir, consider a rear unit to help with the heat load.
        Now to the defrost question: Both units have a defrost position were the compressor will be engaged. This will give you the dehumidified air that you want on the windshield. The Haymaker has a separate door so that you can have all the air directed solely to the windshield.

    42. dwight says:

      I would strongly suggest mocking up a cardboard box to the dimensions listed for the Haymaker.
      Keep in mind the amount of room you will need to mount any computers, stereo components, or other devices. The larger the evaporator unit can be and still fit in the intended space, the better. There is no such thing as getting over 100% out of an A/C system. To help you out, the dimensions are: 24-5/8” in length, 8-3/4” in depth, and 12” in height.
      If you have any questions just give me a call.
      Happy Thanksgiving!

    43. Joe says:

      I want to put a system in my 67 Charger,383 cuI already have heat and defrost will having heat and defrost save me any cost.
      Thanks Joe

      1. dwight says:

        Both the Vapir and the Haymaker have an A/C coil and a separate heater coil in the evaporator box. There is no way to remove the heater coil. You would also run into the issue of mounting the evap unit under your dash with the stock heater box in place.
        If you have any other questions feel free to call us and we can go over your build.
        Happy Thanksgiving Day

    44. John says:

      I have a 1930 Model A coupe the dash is full of audio equipment would it be possible to mount the evaporator unit in the trunk and route the hoses under the seat ?

      1. dwight says:

        Yes, you can mount the Haymaker in the trunk. Our Death Valley Challenge Camaro has a trunk mounted Haymaker that blows air out the backs of the front seats and out the front seat cushions. The velocity is strong enough to blow your skirt up. But take into consideration the amount of ducting that will be required to route the hoses from the unit to the vents. The longer the run of duct hose, the lower the velocity of the discharge air will be. You will want to make sure the duct hose is direct as possible with few bends or changes in direction.

    45. John Tsounias says:

      Hi there.
      My name is John and I’m from Australia.
      I’m looking for a air con unit for my car, it has a heater in it. These particular systems does not need a external compressor wheel, condenser? If so how does it work and how do you get such cool air. And finally what aircon temperature can this unit reach.

      John Tsounias

      1. dwight says:

        Good day John,
        Thanks for your interest in Restomod Air.
        Both the Vapir II and the Haymaker II units require a compressor and a condenser. In a normal application, they are both mounted outside of the passengers compartment. If you were using an electrical motor powered compressor, the condenser would still need to be mounted in a position that would allow a good flow of air through it.
        Both units should have a discharge at the vents in the low 40’s

    46. stephen p wenzel says:

      i have a 1947 ford 4 door sedan that im building and im to the point where i need heating and a/c. I need a price on complete system. thank you

      1. dwight says:

        It will be hard to quote you a price until we know what you want or need. Have you measured to see which evaporator unit will fit the best in your ’47? To help narrow down your options, I would recommend that you make a mock up box from cardboard to check the fit. The Vapir is 20-1/2″ in length, 9-1/2″ in height, and 7-1/8″ in depth. The Haymaker is 24-5/8″ in length, 10-1/2″ in height, and 8-3/4″ in depth.
        Call us and we can discuss your other options and get you set up.

    47. Todd says:

      I would like to build and purchase a system for my 1970 chevelle, I have stripped out the original dash and built a custom but used part od the original frame and fabed the rest, do you have a mock up box or how should I lay out you box to verify fit

      1. dwight says:

        Thank you for stopping by Restomod Air. Yes, we have the Vapir and the Haymaker mock up boxes available. You can also make a box from cardboard to check the fit. The Vapir is 20-1/2″ in length, 9-1/2″ in height, and 7-1/8″ in depth. The Haymaker is 24-5/8″ in length, 10-1/2″ in height, and 8-3/4″ in depth. In a Chevelle I would have to recommend the Haymaker based on the size of the amount of room in the car. Good luck with your build.

        Thanks again,

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