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Vapir II Compact Air Conditioning System


The best custom air conditioning system got even better!!! Now with an infinite speed blower control.

We also added new mounting features to make the installation of this custom A/C system even easier to mount into your Muscle car. We have perfected our multi-mount system which allows to keep a perfectly smoothed firewall with no unsightly bolt heads. We have included over 4 different ways to mount the compact Vapir A/C system. We have now made custom mounting an A/C system easy by including over 5 different options. Fabricating brackets is not needed with our multi-mount system. Have included options for smooth firewall options and minimal abrasive mounting using supplied weldable and bolt-able studs and brackets. Simply use the included template, mark firewall and weld studs or drill.

The Vapir… destined for the best street rod builds or any where a small and powerful system is needed. Don’t let the small size fool you, this unit packs a ton of performance into that small space. This might be the most efficiently designed evaporator ever. It’s all our patent pending innovation in a case that measures 20.875 inches long, 7.125 inches deep, and only 9.5 tall.

ALL our systems are engineered with large, separate A/C and heat coils (just like OEM systems). Some of our competitors market small “street rod” type units that contain only one coil or know as a “common block” coil.  The overall size of the coil is compromised by circuiting heater tubes and A/C tubes into one coil, therefore creating less surface area to cool the air as it passes through the coil for less cooling capacity. Remember, smaller is never better when it comes to coil/case size! Size matters.

Because of our excellent reputation for un-compromised quality, component selection and attention to detail is evident in all aspects of our product line! Every component was chosen on its superior design and quality rather than a low cost.


  • Separate A/C and Heating coils give us a much larger surface area for the airflow to go over, that means quicker temperature changes, greater range of temperatures, and more control of temperature. Engineered with carefully sized, large separate A/C and Heat coils just like factory (OE) systems. The separate coils improve the cooling and heating capacity of the total system. Ask the “other” guys if they have separate coils.

Serviceability, our cases can be opened and serviced. All of the Restomod Air systems are assembled using spring metal retainers and are screwed together to enable you to service the entire system. Just like OEM systems!



Our evaporator designs incorporate DirectFlow Evaporator and Heater coils. Direct contact with the coils without a maze of doors give you greater and more consistent airflow to the passenger compartment.




We utilize, SMOOTH high-impact ABS plastic on our evaporator cases. We use temperature controlled molding process to give uniform thickness overall. Just holding one of our air conditioning units in your hands you will feel the difference.




We utilize copper for longevity in our air conditioning AND heat coils, lets be honest aluminum is cheaper to manufacture and has a shorter life expectancy, ever replace a OEM coil?




State of the art High Output OEM style blower assemblies from SPAL with heat sink infinite speed controllers for thermal protection. Excellent air volume with less electrical amperage. This is very important when installing on older vehicles where the electrical systems are not upgraded to modern standards.



Simplified wiring system make the install easier and faster, plug and go!




No cables, Fully electronic with programmable ECU. We utilize the most current and up to date electrical programming on the market. Our “TOP SECRET” programming has been sought after by others, but we keep it exclusive to our customers. Never obsolete programming means that when we update with new advances you get them!



Screw drive servo motors are used for longevity with thousands of hours of cycle testing.




  • Large door openings for better airflow, just ask about airflow and you will see, larger openings means less restrictions.
  • Oh yeah, we even supply the A/C refrigerant hoses need to connect to a bulkhead fitting on the firewall, who else does that? nada!
  • Dehumidified defrost
  • Preset thermostat for the coldest temperatures and NO coil freeze over and no operator adjustments ever, turn on and sit back knowing you are always getting the coldest air
  • All backed by a 3 year bumper to bumper warranty, no hidden clauses here!
  • And you get your choice of vents from our Diablo P-38 and Synister collections at a greatly discounted rate. Click the links below to browse some of our custom a/c vent collections.



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  • 20” X 7 1/8” X 9 ½””
  • Assembly:
  • Hand built craftsmanship & quality
  • Multi-pass Inspection Process
  • Designed and Built in the USA!
  • Available Finishes:
  • black ABS plastic standard
  • Burled wood
  • gray skulls
  • carbon fiber
  • Package Includes:
  • Evaporator Unit
  • discount on vents of your choice
  • 2 defrost ducts
  • 2 heater floor dumps
  • electric water control valve
  • ECU board
  • all wiring harnesses
  • weldable threaded studs and nuts
  • weldable brackets with studs
  • Hex head bolts and nuts for though firewall mounting
  • bolted brackets for though firewall mounting
  • condensation drain tube
  • 6 heater hose clamps
  • all needed screws, bolts, washers
  • 15ft duct hose
  • installation instructions
  • personalized tech support
  • 3 year warranty on all parts
  • jealousy from members of your car club
  • 90 thoughts on “Vapir II Compact Air Conditioning System

    1. Dwayne says:

      I have a 64 Chevy truck . What system do you suggest ?

      1. Hey Dwayne,
        The Bantam or the Vapir would be a good fit for your truck.

    2. Jonathan kraemer says:

      Hi restomod i have a Mercedes w140 1997 my front air system works but i live in central América Panama it Gets very hot. Sometimes my ac system struggles to keep the cabin cool . My question is could i install a Haymaker in the truck so on a hot hot day i could fire up BOTH ac systems the original merc air and also the restomod Haymaker.

      Can this be done to a Merck

    3. joe kugel says:

      does your vapir compact 2 have the bluetooth capability? i want to put this in my 32 ford roadster that i am starting to buld. thanks for your time. love your product!

      1. Gary says:

        Joe my Vapir II is not B/T capable but my Bantam II is

    4. Doug says:

      The area under the cowl of my ’29 model A p/u can be utilized, as the gas tank portion has been removed. What are your thoughts about trying to incorporate this system into the truck?

      1. Gary says:

        Doug my Bantan II is best fit 866.784.4278 Gary

    5. Eddy Munster says:

      I have a 1965 Econoline Super Van and I’m looking for a heating and Cooling complete kit. I like what I see here.

      1. Gary says:

        Eddy give me a ring 866.784.4278 my vapir is a great fit , Gary

    6. devon williamson says:

      Do you have anything for a 1955 apache has a 305 in it ??

      1. Gary says:

        Devon yes one of our vapir or bantam units will do a great job give me a ring 866.784.4278

    7. Gary says:

      Anthony my vapir II or Vapir III would be best give me a call to talk about your AMX build Gary 866.784.4278

    8. bob beardsley says:

      do you make a heat and cool system for my 1950 Chevrolet sedan. It has a 235 6cyl. engine. thanks

      1. Gary says:

        Bob we have a few optons for your 50 Give me a ring to talk about it Gary 866.784.4278

    9. Eric says:

      Hi Gents, My daughter and I are restoring a 1962 Ford Fairlane 500. Obviously, it is lacking in AC and we live in Texas., so AC is a must. Would the Vapir II work under dash? The Heating unit looks to be of similar dimensions, under the passenger side of the dash, so I am hoping it will bolt up easily…

    10. Eric says:

      Hi Gents, My daughter and I are restoring a 1962 Ford Fairlane 500. Obviously, it is lacking in AC and we live in Texas., so AC is a must. Would the Vapir II work under dash? The Heating unit looks to be of similar dimensions, under the passenger side of the dash, so I am hoping it will bolt up easily…

      1. Gary says:

        Eric Galaxy is a preety big car so would love to use haymaker II in there its a pretty tight squeeze but have had customers use it the past, Give me a call to talk about you and your daughters build. Gary 866.784.4278

    11. shawn says:

      I have a Chevy Beauville van and am interested in your Haymaker kit. DOes this kit include all that would be needed? or would I also need to buy a new condenser, evaporator,dryer ect? thanks Shawn

      1. Gary says:

        shawn I have all components to complete a system what is pictured is what comes with evap all other components are al la carte 866.784.4278

    12. Michael Vidaurri says:

      Hello.. I have 1970 Chevelle with a 307… which system would you recommend??

      1. Gary says:

        Michael, I have a few options for you , give me a call to discuss your build Gary 866.784.4278

    13. Eric says:

      I have a 1965 Cadillac Deville Convertible that is a non-AC car.

      I am currently having a 472 cu in motor being built that includes a Sanden-508 Style A/C compressor.

      I need everything else other than the compressor including; under dash evaporator/blower unit, condenser, drier & brackets.

      I do not mind using an under dash cooling only unit, but the dash in a 65 Caddy is curved and the glove box is in the middle. But I do want to keep everything in the passenger compartment either stock or “period correct” I hope that makes sense.

      Have you done any installs in a 65-66 Cadillac Deville?

      Do have any suggestions?

      1. Gary says:

        Eric give me a call to discuss your build Gary 866.784.4278

    14. Don says:

      Hello guys I have a 41 AK Chevy P/U needing Heating and A/C. It has a 350 engine. How much for a Complete System w/ all the components.. I am only seeing the Interior kits here on the site. How about a Full Kit???

      1. Gary says:

        Don, I have all the components for a complete system cost will depend on your taste, please give me a ring to discuss your build Gary 866.784.4278

    15. Chris Galea says:

      Hi guys. Really like you stuff.
      I am from Australia and would like to buy the vapir 11, condenser, dryer and everything else I need excluding the compressor which is already part of my set up from a motor I bought from the engine factory. Your unit will fit however my car is right hand drive so I have to reroute the heater lines and evaporator lines 180 degrees. maybe I need custom lines etc.
      Can you please drop me a line on my email address so we can discuss my requirements and your recommendations
      Appreciate your help.

    16. George says:

      Hello, Gotta say you make a really nice system. i have looked at all the other systems and am very happy I came across your site. I have a 65 mustang and I think the intermediate size would work and look great in my car. I’m just a little confused as to the pricing? What comes with the price of the base system? The compressor, condenser, dryer, hoses and fittings can’t be included in that price? Can you give give me an estimate of how much I will be spending.. Thanks George D.

      1. Gary Wayman says:

        George or complete systems are around 1900-2500 depends on your taste, please give me a call to discuss your build. If you are looking for a budget friendly kit my suister company is Classic Auto Air. Gary 866.784.4278

    17. Gary Wayman says:

      Angel, I have a bantam that’s more compact. the bug will also need to be modified for a compressor, I have electric compressors(need 85 amps to run) give me a shout to discuss your build. Gary 866.784.4278 ext. 108

    18. Blase says:

      I have a 1953 Oldsmobile 88 with a LS2 6.0L truck engine in it. I have enough room under the dash for your Vapir unit ONLY. will this be enough to cool my car? Also any chance you will be at Cruising the Coast 2015?

      1. Gary Wayman says:

        Blase, The Vapir II will do the job for sure. We are spending all our time getting ready for SEMA so no time to “cruise the coast”

    19. Roger Gordon says:

      I have a 87 Jeep Wrangler what unit would you recommend for this installation?

      1. Gary Wayman says:

        Roger my vapir II would be the best choice the dimensions are on my website

    20. Brian says:

      I have a 1996 Chevy S-10 pickup that currently has no A/C system. Would the Vapir II system everything I need to install A/C in my truck?

      1. Jon says:


        While the Vapir II will work perfectly for your truck, it is not the only component you need. You will also need controls, vents (of your choosing), a bulkhead, hose kit, condenser/drier and finally compressor and mount. All in all your price range would end up in the low $2k range. Give us a call at 866-784-4278 for more info!

    21. Donnell Jenkins says:

      Hello I have a 1978 chevy monte carlo that im doing and pro- touring style build on… its originally a t-top car… im planning a bunch of modern “creature comforts” such as led tails,coilover suspension and late model fuel injected engine swap… I also was looking at A/C systems. .. I was wondering would the haymaker II system work for my pro touring G-body?

      1. Jon says:

        Absolutely Donnell it will blow your socks off!! The first thing you want to do, however, is measure up under the dash to see if you have the room for the Haymaker II on your firewall. Once that is established, the rest of the system will fall into place according to your specific style and goals. The Haymaker II is 24 5/8″ wide, 10″ tall and 8 3/4″ deep. Let me know what you find out @866-784-4278 and we will get you rockin-n-rollin!!!

    22. Landon says:

      Hello, I’m looking at installing a/c in my 1972 240z which has a carbureted straight six motor. I was wondering if the motor would be able to handle the intermittent draw of the a/c compressor without having an ECU to adjust the RPM’s as needed, thank you for your help.

    23. Ray Shulund says:

      What unit would best fit a 57 belair running an Ls3 and an a 480Le trans? And are these heat and air cond units or just air conditioning ? Thanks

    24. TK says:

      75 Toyota Landcruiser. I’m guessing if I want to do a full set up I need to go with the Vapir kit? Will this fit?

      1. Jon says:


        Thank you for your question brother. For the Land Cruiser the Vapir II would be the only option available right now. There are two ways you can go about measuring for fitment. You can put a deposit down for a mock box, which would give you exact dimensions, or you could take a cardboard box and make a temporary mock box using the dimensions listed on the page. The good thing about the Vapir II is that if your firewall is completely smooth, you could mount the Vapir II anywhere you want. That’s the beauty of Restomod Air-your imagination and ingenuity is the limit of application possibilities. If you have any more questions give us a call at 866-784-4278 and we will be more than willing to help get you a/c in your land cruiser.

    25. Steve says:

      I have a 1972 Chevy C-10. I have installed a 2008 Silverado 4.8 liter with a ’69 Camaro 4-speed. I am thinking the Vapir would work best as the cab is obviously small and I have very limited room under the dash due to the relays and ECM. I would need as complete a set up as possible with the exception of the dash vents. What do you suggest? Thanks for your time

      1. Jon says:


        Thank you for your interest in Restomod Air and for sharing your build with us! It sound like its going to be one helluva ride. You are correct in saying that the Vapir I will be the best fit for your cab. Designed for any small car, hot rod or truck, the Vapir II will give you more than enough freezing cold air to turn your truck into a rolling ice cube. Other than the Vapir II, I would suggest either the Triq or Reactor controls, depending on your style for the build. Also, we do have vent adapters that may work for your dash vents if you want to go that route. You would also need a bulkhead, lines and engine components (compressor, compressor mount, condenser and drier). We use Sanden style, fixed displacement compressors with our systems, but if you have your own compressor we can look at adapting to your application. All in all, depending on your style and design choices, the price for your system will be in the ballpark of $2100-2300. Give us a call at 866-784-4278 if you have any other questions or concerns, and we will do everything we can to help you!


    26. Patrick says:

      I have a 1936 2dr sedan humpback. the car has a 283sbc It is a perfectly restored Hot Rod. It has no A/C I don’t want a big unit sticking out from under the dash. I want it to look clean and classy,what do you have for me? every thing I need so I can put it in and go ?

      1. Jon says:


        Thank you for your questions and interest in Restomod Air! For your 36, the Vapir will work the best, due to its compact size. As far as your firewall is concerned, the only thing sticking out would be the fittings on the bulkhead and the connected hoses to your compressor and condenser. We have mounts and compressors that will work with your build and can in all sense of the word, give you a complete system that will give you everything you need for cold a/c. The best thing about Restomod Air is that the look is up to you and your imagination, so clean and classy are a cinch. We will work with you every step of the way in order to get you exactly what you want. give us a call at 866-784-4278 to get started!

    27. Ronin Gallagher says:

      G’day guys,

      been searching for a AC unit now for a few months and came across your site.
      Product looks amazing, and its not stupidly priced either!

      As with most queries, I’m wondering if theres been any customers installing this unit into a 67 mustang?

      I’d love to see some video of an installation on your youtube page.

      Cheers and Beers lads!

      1. Jon says:


        Thank you brother! We always appreciate the love our customers and fans have for our product! We have had many folks install our systems in 67 mustangs. The only real requirements for Restomod Air systems is that the firewall is smoothed out and that you have an active and abundant imagination!! We will do our best to get some install vids up soon.


    28. JOHN says:







      1. Jon says:


        Thanks for your question and your interest in Restomod Air! In regards to your question, I haven’t seen a vehicle that our ac units couldn’t fit in to, but there are a couple of factors to consider. First off is the obvious factor of room. You would need to measure the area behind the dash to see how much room you would have on the firewall. Right now our smallest unit measures 20” in width, 7 1/8” in depth and 9 ½” in height. This unit will give you heat, defrost and four possible dash vents for you to use however you want. The next factor is the engine components, such as the compressor/compressor mount, condenser/drier set up and possibly even the hoses. Although we would be able to supply you with everything but the compressor bracket, I feel that going through a Hyundai parts retailer will give you a better fit and ultimately less time doing the work. For the compressor, you will need to get a fixed displacement compressor in order for the system to run as designed. All in all it will be a lot of work, but it will be worth it to have the coldest a/c on the market blowing in that accent.

    29. Mike Oxner says:

      Hi I have a 1969 vw karmann Ghia . and I’m wanting to know which of your systems would work in my car. I’m installing a Subaru engine so its no big deal on HP drain . thanks

      1. Jon says:


        Thank you for your interest in Restomod Air!! For your Karmann Ghia, which is an awesome car by the way, the Vapir II would be the best fit. You would also need any engine components necessary to run the system (condenser, compressor, hose kit, drier and any brackets you need). Let me know if you have any other questions.


    30. rudy redden says:

      I have a 51 olds 88 four door with the rocket enginge. I’m asking if you have a unit that woud work for this car. It has a 6 volt system.

      1. Jon says:


        Thank you for your interest in Restomod Air and your awesome question! In answer to your question, I noticed that you mentioned you have a 6 volt system. Unfortunately, our units and controls operate off of 12 volt systems only, so unless there was a plan to update the electronics in the car our systems wont work.

    31. Patrick Chiasson says:

      I have a 67 Camaro with an ls6 out of an ’02 zo6 vette. Will this system for and work in my car? How is this kit better than vintage air kits?

      1. Jon says:


        Thank you for your interest in Restomod Air!!!

        A 67 Camaro with an ls6, eh? Sweet ride brother!!! To answer your question Patrick, our systems will work splendidly in your car! We have a 69 that we built that has two of our Haymaker II units inside (one in front, one in rear) to have a complete luxury a/c system only seen in Mercedes-Benz products. We even took the car to Death Valley, which is one of the hottest places on the planet, and put our units to the test. Independently, both units had air as cold as 50 degrees coming out of the vents. Together, the inside temp of the car was an ice-cold 43 degrees. Compare that to an outside temp of 120-140 degrees and what you get is the best aftermarket a/c system on the planet.

        Compared to Vintage Air, our units are completely electronic and universal. In both our Haymaker II and the smaller Vapir II units, we utilize two separate coils (one for heat and one for refrigerant) made of copper. What this means is that you have faster temperature acquisition and much better temp control and variability than our competitors. We also offer variable speed blowers giving you every option between low and high with the ability to dial in your a/c to your specific needs. Furthermore, all of our units are pressed together and not glued, allowing for ease of serviceability and part replacement (if need be). Another advantage is the customization available to our products. With a wide variety of custom, fully electronic controls that can be anodized or fitted with a variety of knobs to give you a one-off look. This same level of customization is in our vent and bulkhead designs as well. Needless to say, with the customization of our products to the function and performance of our a/c systems, you can be guaranteed that when you install it in your car and turn it on, you will experience a/c like you never have before. When all is said and done, there is no comparison to other systems on the market simply because we are unlike any other system on the market.

        For your Camaro, I would definitely recommend the Haymaker II and our patented Reactor single knob controller. For vents I love the Razor, but it is really up to your unique style. No matter what you choose, you will end up with a system totally unique to you and your car. We not only want to turn you into a Popsicle, but we want you to look good while it happens. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to let me know.

    32. Rick says:

      What A/C system would work the BEST for my 1955 Chevy two door car? Also what drive kit would you recommend? I am installing a Corvette engine

      1. Jon says:

        First off let me say thanks for your interest in Restomod Air! In answer to your question, I would recommend the Haymaker II if you have the room for it. The unit measures 24 5/8” in length, 8 ¾” deep and 10” tall and will blow ice in your face, turning your Chevy into a freezer. If the room isn’t there for the Haymaker II, the Vapir is the only viable option in compact yet powerful a/c in the market. Measuring only 20” in length, 7 1/8” deep and 9 ½” tall, the Vapir II will still be able to freeze out your car.
        As far as drive kits are concerned, we have kits that are designed for chevy small blocks, big blocks and ls engines so it really depends on what size and type of engine you have. Also a dependent factor is the finish you desire (satin polished or black). Feel free to call at 866.784.4278 for more info or if you have any questions.

    33. GREG says:

      I’m very interested but can you tell me if there would be much modification and what the benefits of putting this in my 1988 Ford Bronco XLT would be?

      1. Jon says:


        Thank you for your inquiry and interest in Restomod Air!!! To answer your question, the benefits of adding Restomod Air to your Bronco would be the coldest air on the market, the most versatile and powerful unit in its class, customizable controls and vents that no-one and I mean no-one else has, and comfort in knowing that you will have the most technologically advanced aftermarket a/c anywhere.

        As far as modifications go, smoothing the firewall would be your best option for total universality in installation, but it is not a must. If there is air currently in the vehicle, then it would need to come out and be replaced with the a/c unit of your choice. However, our units are universal in nature and as such will not match the bolting locations of your oem heater/ac unit. Other than smoothing the firewall or the installation process itself, the only other modifications would be making locations for vents. However if you want to use your stock vents that would be fine as we have adaptors that should fit your stock vents. Also replacing your stock controls with our controls would be mandatory, but shouldn’t take too much modification on your part. If I have not answered your questions completely or if you have more, please email me and let me know and I will be glad to help in any way I can!

    34. Todd says:

      Your units look quality. With all the Chinese-lookinf kits on the market, I’m gratified to see your attention to detail, and informing the buyer with diagrams, specs and advice. Do you have experience fitting a ’54 GMC pick-up truck? The dash is pretty shallow. I live in a hot weather area, and would prefer the biggest unit possible. Can your units be mounted vertically? Any comment would be appreciated.

      1. Jon says:


        Before I answer your question, first allow me to say thank you for your interest in Restomod Air!! To answer your question, your 54 is the perfect candidate for the Vapir II a/c unit. Though it can only be mounted horizontally (to allow for proper drainage), the Vapir is compact enough to fit in your truck while also powerful enough to turn it into an icicle. In order to complete your system, you would also have to purchase controls, louvers and any engine parts you may need to run the system (compressor, condenser, etc). If you have any questions at all, let me know at my email ( I will do everything I can to keep you cool!!!

    35. steve says:

      i have a 2000 mx5 that seems like it has ample space for one of these badboys. Have you sold any of these ac units for these vehicles?

      1. Jon says:


        Thank you for your question and interest in Restomod Air! Your Miata should have plenty of space for our Vapir II unit and depending on your compressor, should work like a dream! To my knowledge, we have not sold any of our units to the tuner market, but that just means that you would have some major bragging rights! The stock louvers in the M5 are pretty sick as is, but from what I can tell our vents have the potential of fitting rather well in the stock mounting holes. If you decide to go forward and purchase the vapir II, you will need to get one of our controllers as well. Our unit/control interface is proprietary to Restomod Air, but if you were to get a Reactor, then nobody would care whether or not you have stock controls.

    36. Scott pinkett says:

      Just want to know how difficult is it to install in a 78 vette. Last question is the price

      1. Jon says:


        Thank you for your question and your interest in Restomod Air! It would not be hard to install the Vapir II in a vette. In fact, the Vapir was designed for the sport car/hot rod/small cab truck or car. Its relatively small size (20” long, 9.5” high and 7 1/8” wide) makes installation a cinch. Whether you are smoothing the firewall or just looking for a/c, Restomod is made to be universal. The price for the unit is $875, and with that you get all of your mounting hardware, ducting, wiring, hoses to the firewall, heat dumps and the evap unit itself. Then you would get your louvers (if you want them), controls, a bulkhead to make a clean transition for your hoses from the cabin to the engine compartment, hoses for inside the engine compartment, a compressor, a condenser, a drier and all necessary fittings. All in all you would be looking at a ball park of around $2200-2300. Depending on the finishes you choose as well as the exact product you choose, the price can vary in either direction

    37. Josh says:

      I’m wanting to eliminate my factory ac in my 95 integra. Have you ever had anyone use your system in the tuner car realm? Just wanting to clean out the engine bay but not lose my cold air. Thanks

      1. Jon says:

        Thanks for your questions and your interest in Restomod Air! I have yet to see anyone in the tuner realm with a restomod system in their car, but it is more than possible. We can turn your tuner into an ice cube if you want. With our unique bulkheads, we can help you run the ac and heater lines in and out of fender wells or anywhere else you can think of. Depending on the goal of your build we can throw a reactor control in your dash to make people’s heads turn as you freeze em to death. We can use your current engine parts as well, as our systems run on the same fixed displacement as your factory compressor!

    38. Dale says:

      Hi, I am restoring a 1975 chevy shortbed G20 van. What system would you suggest for it? Do I have to remove the existing heating unit which is under the passenger side dash. Is your ac control used as a separate unit just for the air, installed under the dash, in the dash or does it take the place of the existing heater control and work both heat and air?What other parts are needed to complete the installation? it does not have air at this time. Sorry for all of the questions. I was looking at the vapir11 system but not sure if it was going to put out enough air to cool the entire van.
      Thanks for the help,

      1. Jon says:


        Thank you for your question and interest in Restomod Air! For your van, my suggestion would depend on what you are doing with the build. If you are customizing the interior with lots of sitting/laying space in the back, then I would suggest a Haymaker unit in both the front and back of the van. We did the same setup in a 69 camaro, using a haymaker in the front and enclosing a haymaker in the trunk with an intake vent hidden in the rear bench seat. In that setup you would be able to use one controller for both units or use separate controls. The controls can be mounted wherever you want and they control heat, air, fan speed and mode. In order to complete installation, you would need a compressor, condenser, drier, hoses and fittings, bulkheads and louvers. We are here to help!

    39. Steve Steele says:

      I have a 1977 mustang cobra with a 302. What air unit do you recommend and do you install?

      1. Jon says:

        Thank you for your question and your interest in Restomod Air. For Mustangs, we recommend our Haymaker II unit. At 24 5/8″ long, 10″ tall and 8 3/4″ wide, it will fit in most full size cars and effectively turn your mustang into a walk-in fridge. As far as installs go, we do not offer them at this time. However, any restoration or a/c shop where you live would be able to install you’re a/c. Once you receive your unit, you will see that we designed the systems so that the everyday person can do an install. Designed for the everyday joe, you can be rest assured that you don’t have to be a mechanic or a gearhead to put our a/c in your Mustang.


    40. Mike says:

      Any experience/recommendations with a C1 Vette? In my case, it will be a Restomod using an LT 5 out of a 95 ZR-1. The LT 5 is new, and has the original, unused compressor. Thanks!

      1. Jon says:

        Thanks for your interest in Restomod Air! We do have experience with vettes and with an LT 5 it should be an awesome car. Though the cam driven water pump will make things a little complicated, we can definitely help. Having your own compressor cuts the cost so that’s good too. For your vette the best fit would be our Vapir II, strictly due to the size of the dash. We can definitely do something for you that will give your C1 a look that will be completely unique.


    41. John says:

      I have an 86 fiero GT that didn’t come with A/C what can you guys suggest for my vehicle?

      1. Jon says:

        Thanks for taking the time to check out Restomod Air!! For your Fiero, I would suggest our Vapir II unit. Its dimensions are 20” long, 9 ½” tall and 7 1/8” wide. You can make up a cardboard box to those dimensions and will be able to see how the unit will fit under the dash. As far as other components go, Restomod is a la carte in nature. What that means is other than the evap kit, it is a piece by piece format ordering exactly what you want instead of just buying a “kit” or “system”. I spoke with some of the guys around here and though it will be a difficult operation, it can and has been done. The benefit is that you will have a custom piece and something only a few people have accomplished. Feel free to call anytime. We will help with everything we can.

    42. Jordan says:

      I have a 69 camaro original ac car. Firewall has been smoothed. All ac components removed. Modern LS drive train. I’m not concerned with originality. What would be my best option? Thanks

      1. dwight says:

        Thank you for stopping by Restomod Air.
        The best option would be to install the largest evap unit you can mount under the dash. Unlike professional athletes that commonly state they can put out 150%, the Vapir II or Haymaker II can only put out 100% of their capacity. Bigger is always better. Keep in mind any computers or relay boxes that will also be mounted under the dash.

        The Vapir II is 20-1/2″ in length, 9-1/2″ in height, and 7-1/8″ in width. The Haymaker II is 24-5/8″ in length, 10-1/2″ in height, and 8-3/4″ in width. I would recommend fabricating a cardboard box with the dimensions listed and check for clearance issues.

        Just give us a call if you have any more questions.

        Thanks again,

    43. John Hack says:

      What system would you recomend for a 1970 Camaro small block
      And do you offer complete kits with condenser drier and compressor
      Thanks john

      1. dwight says:

        Thanks for stopping by Restomod Air. Before I can answer your question, I need to ask some of you.
        Are you leaving the firewall stock or will it be modified?
        What are your plans for the Camaro as a whole? (Staying stock or total custom)
        Will you be modifying the instrument panel?
        You have options so I want to match your wants up to the best answer.
        You can call me at 866-784-4278 Ext 102 and I can go over these options.

    44. dwight says:

      The Javelin is a tight fit for the Vapir. I do not think you would be able to fit the Haymaker under the dash. Check the dimensions to make sure you will not have any fitment issues. The evaporator kit includes just the duct hose, your choice of defrost ducts, and heat dumps. The controller and vents are sold seperately.
      Thank you for your time and question.

    45. Joe says:

      Do you have any pictures of an actual install. Im Interested in the vapir system but I would like to see some real cars with this system installed.

      1. dwight says:

        That’s a good question but a difficult one to answer. We have had cars displayed at SEMA and other major shows with the Vapir or the Haymaker installed in them. The problem is once the unit is installed behind the dash, you do not see enough of it to take a picture. Sort of like a Big Foot sighting or UFO’s. Never a good clear picture. I will email some of the professional builders and see if they have pictures of the installation process. If you will email me directly at I can send the pictures once I receive them.

    46. Brian says:

      I have a 1966 Volvo P1800 and need a heating and cooling solution. Frankly, you guys seem to have the best looking units and accessories I’ve seen so far, but I’ve never dealt with air conditioning before, so I’m not sure where to begin.

      The P1800 has a small cabin, so I doubt I need anything huge, and space is limited, so I doubt I could fit the larger units. Additionally, they’re not exactly packing a lot of power, so I’d need a compressor that won’t take a lot of it from me. I see above that your 508 may work? Can anyone set me on the right path here for the steps I’m going to need to take to make this happen?

      1. dwight says:

        Thanks for stopping by Restomod Air. The Vapir II should be large enough for your P1800. Of course if the Haymaker would fit, I would go with the largest evap unit possible. The larger coils would transfer the heat quickly.
        The 508 compressor uses only about three (3) to five (5) horsepower at start up and continually clutch engagement. The compressors are very efficient as compared to the old thirty (30) pound York compressors.
        Start by measuring the amount of room that you have available for the evap unit. Make sure there are no obstructions that will keep the evap unit from mounting. Such as dash braces, cowl indentations, and such.

    47. Greg says:

      What kind of horsepower draw does your system make on the engine? I ask, because I am considering your system for my 1951 Willys with an F 134 four cylinder engine. It only makes about 70 horsepower, so you can see my concern! Thanks, Greg

      1. dwight says:

        Thank you for your your question concerning the horsepower draw.
        I am assuming that you are asking about the horsepower that the compressor requires.
        The 508 compressors are very low horsepower robbing. From what information I can gather, you are looking at three (3) to five (5) horsepower loss.

    48. dwight says:

      Thanks for dropping Restomod Air. On your S-10 I would have to recommend the Vapir II unit. With the Vapir II unit, all your factory components inside the cab and under the hood will be removed. The openings in the firewall can be filled with block off panels and smoothed out for a clean look. You will need to measure the core support opening for a condenser. Take a look at the billet control panels. Give us a call and we will be glad to help you put an system together for you.

    49. mont says:

      what do recomend for a 55 series 60 caddy bug car eh can i use your entire system with the exsisting duct work what r your recomondations.

      1. dwight says:

        Thank you for taking the time to drop us a line. Is your Cadillac a 1955 series 60 Fleetwood? I am not sure what a bug car is. My recomendations would be to measure for both the Vapir and the Haymaker. There is a lot of cabin space in a Cadillac. The bigger the unit, the happier you will be driving your Cadillac during the summer time temperatures.

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