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Simplified Wiring

Controlling your Restomod Air a/c system is the best it has ever been. A first-rate design thought out to every detail. What makes this new design so cool is the Switch Technology. Is it simple? GEN III wiring system with Switch Technology is all about the Simplified wiring – For easier installs. Restomod Air’s plug n play connections allow you to be confident in doing the install yourself. We have taken all the guesswork on wiring out.

The Bluetooth ECU “Brain” of the a/c system is clearly labeled and flashing LED lights to let you know what is going on every step of the way during installation. Our new ECU truly is smart. Having tons of cables to attach suck and we know this.

That is why we simplified everything Only three cables plug into the ECU. Power, Servo, Controls that’s it. This makes life easier for everyone. Troubleshooting is quick and easy.

And if by chance you want to check out more on the a/c system pull out your phone camera scan the QR code on the ECU and get additional information. Restomod Air has made getting any information about your a/c system very easy. You can also check out our YouTube channel to see any of our tech videos.

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