• RESTOMOD AIR MFG. appreciates your interest in our custom A/C kits and components.

    To effectively administer Product Sponsorships RESTOMOD AIR MFG. has implemented a thorough Product Sponsorship program. Please note not all approved Sponsorship requests will be a full Product Sponsorship.

    Some RESTOMOD AIR MFG. entail a Product Sponsorship Buy Back program. This is the most common Product Sponsorship program. The Buy Back program ensures that only those people effectively earning Sponsorship are given so and guarantees RESTOMOD AIR MFG. return on its investment of Product Sponsorship dollars. This Product Sponsorship Buy Back program applies to all RESTOMOD AIR MFG. products *Excluding Drive Kits.

    The “Buy Back” program essentially gives you, the participant, the ability to work toward having a percentage / or full product cost return. In most circumstances an initial “Good Faith” discount will be provided. Buy Back percentages vary from each vehicle build.

    Because technological advancements give RESTOMOD AIR MFG. the ability to improve our product line, any display of older products would not provide as strong a return on investment. Because of this, the participant has up to a determined date in contract to earn the maximum Buy Back percentage. All claims must be made prior to determined date in contract.

    In order to be considered for any level of Sponsorship on a vehicle there are responsibilities that RESTOMOD AIR MFG. requires. If you are approved for any level of Product Sponsorship RESTOMOD AIR MFG. is to be “tagged” @restomodair in all social media posts related to the A/C system or component installation on the product sponsored vehicle. RESTOMOD AIR MFG. also requires that when the product sponsored vehicle is displayed in a photo at a car show that RESTOMOD AIR MFG. is “tagged” @restomodair in that photo.

    RESTOMOD AIR MFG. requires that any installation, fitment, and finished build photos or videos be sent to to be used in any future promotion. All Rights Reserved by Restomod Air

    Please Note RESTOMOD AIR MFG. allows only one vehicle per Product Sponsorship form request. If you are entering multiple vehicles for Product Sponsorship, multiple Product Sponsorship form requests MUST be filled out.

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  • Please Note one vehicle per sponsorship form request. If you are entering multiple vehicles for sponsorship, multiple sponsorship form requests must be filled out.
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