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Synister Custom Aftermarket A/C Parts

Welcome to the slick and timeless look of our Synister custom aftermarket A/C parts collection. Custom made to evoke smooth deep waters under a moonless sky. Synister is more than a statement. Like all our other collections these components are the ultimate in performance quality, and style. Our Synister a/c parts are designed with quality engineering down to the last detail.


Our Synister custom aftermarket A/C parts collection comes from common design traits, starting with hex head bolts to dramatic lush lines that create an over sized dramatic style. The Synister collection contains air conditioning control panels, bulkhead plates, and pro touring air conditioning vents that compliment each other. We’ve taken everything done in the A/C industry for the last 50 years and thrown it all into a ditch. Then we started with a clean slate and we’re breaking new ground and raising the bar more than just a few notches. Killer looks combined with ease of use. This is cool stuff!


LIMITED EDITIONS: In our quest to help you create a totally unique ride, many of our styles are made in limited quantities, each one numbered and available only for a limited time. Look for the LIMITED EDITION logo for these special components before they are gone forever.