Equipped with Restomod Air

Kustom Kulture is Alive

Kustom Kulture is Alive Photo from Sparks Speed Shop. I see some Diablo Mini A/C vents in the dash on this 59 impala dash that was grafted into the 48 Chevy truck!!!! It is getting...

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Equipped with Restomod Air, Ruthless Thoughts


BOOSTED BELA You know you’re changing the industry when you're told the interior design of the BOOSTED BELA was changed, because Restomod Air parts arrived and deserve to be shown off. Boosted Bela is a slammed...

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Equipped with Restomod Air, NEW RELEASE, Ruthless Thoughts

KC’s Paintshop and Restoration install Restomod Air

Kc's Paintshop does Killer install. Killer install of a Restomod Air Vapir II by KC's Paintshop and Restoration. Check out what he has to say about installing a Vapir II A/C system in a #f100.  

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