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Ruthless Thoughts

The Adaptable A/C Controller

Becoming one of the most popular controllers of all time the Reactor Pods prove to stand the test of time. With an all-aluminum construction and LED indicators, this controller is as sturdy as it is easy to adjust. Controlling your Restomod Air system is now even easier. With individual fan, mode, temp knobs, you can mount in your dash any way you want. The 3 knobs can either be mounted as a group or individually on your dash giving you the ultimate in customization. This is the Adaptable controller you have been looking for.

Our Reactor POD has stayed true to the name. Small, compact and sleek this controller works well in all dash styles. With an overall size of 1.88” and Mounting Hole: 1.62” hole (drilled) x 3 holes this controller fits anywhere you want it to.

Mounting the Reactor Pod Controller has become an art form in itself. Builders are finding new and exciting ways to mount in their dashes, consoles and much more. Of course, you can mount horizontally or vertically but we are seeing builders mount in a wide variety of patterns. There are no limitations to designing your layout now.

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