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The TruMOD 1967-72 Chevy Truck Complete Air Conditioning System


No longer do you have to try and figure out a universal street rod system and how it will mount in your 1967-1972 CHEVY TRUCK. With TruMOD, you literally get the best of both worlds, giving model specific parts with the ability to customize. TruMOD air conditioning systems are “Tru” to the specific make and model yet easily “modifiable.” Meaning the system has just what your 1967-1972 CHEVY TRUCK needs plus the Restomod air ability to modify what you want. With your TruMOD System, you will receive everything you need to get on the road again. TruMOD is the only customizable model specific air conditioning system on the market.


At Restomod Air, we are known for our custom a/c systems and our state of the art, totally badass parts and we felt it was time that customers looking for model specific air conditioning kits deserve a better option for your 1967-1972 CHEVY TRUCK than the other guys cheap 1980’s technology in their universal. Restomod Air uses technology from the current century; the other guys can’t say that.


Multi-Mount System

TruMOD systems utilize the features from our Custom Systems, such as mounting features to make the installation easier to mount into your vehicle. We have perfected our multi-mount system, which allows you to keep a perfectly smoothed firewall on your 1967-1972 CHEVY TRUCK with no unsightly bolt heads. Fabricating brackets is not needed with our multi-mount system. Simply mark firewall and weld studs or drill and use the included hardware.


It’s cold

With this TruMOD system you get the most efficiently designed evaporator ever on the planet, Restomod Air’s Vapir II. Guaranteed balls cold air and a variable speed blower fan you will have complete climate control in your 1967-1972 CHEVY TRUCK. It’s all in our innovation. The Vapir II comes in a case that measures 20.875” long, 7.125” deep, and only 9.5” tall. The Vapir II has a SPAL Brand Variable Speed Fan for best air output in the industry. Compact, high output, OEM quality in a durable design and balanced assembly (no vibration) and low noise.

Size Matters

The Vapir II is equipped with two separate A/C and heat coils (just like OEM systems). Some of our competitors market small street rod type units that contain only one coil or know as a common block coil. The overall size of the coil is compromised by circuiting heater tubes and A/C tubes into one coil, therefore creating less surface area to cool the air as it passes through the coil for less cooling capacity. Size does matter! Don’t cheat your 1967-1972 CHEVY TRUCK.


GM Replacement A/C vents

With our Astro Ventilation replacement vents you can have an updated look to your 1967-1972 CHEVY TRUCK. They come with left and right GM Replacement Billet Aluminum A/C Vent with Chrome or black housing. Truly Design for replacing GM and Astro Ventilation Vent. Available with single, triple, or 5 vane and they come in Stain, or Synister Black Finishes. No other way is better to upgrade your 1967-1972 CHEVY TRUCK A/C System.


X-ACT FIT A/C Controller

For your 1967-72 Chevy Truck we offer our X-ACT FIT A/C Controller. The 1967-72 Chevy Truck X-ACT FIT A/C Controller by Restomod Air is available for those who want to preserve a stock look. This A/C Controller looks greats, works perfectly, and installs in your dash with no modifications!


Fully Electronic

This model specific Controller means there is no guessing if it will fit. The 1967-72 Chevy Truck X-ACT FIT A/C Controller is FULLY ELECTRONIC, with smooth operations, and no connecting arms to bind or break. The A/C Controller for the 1967-72 Chevy Truck X-ACT FIT has back lighting, so adjusting during night driving is quick and easy. Now you literally get the best of both worlds, giving model specific control with the look of yesterday and the modern state of the art technology you are accustomed to.

products 67 72 CHEVY XACT FIT RIGHT

ZERO modification

The 1967-72 Chevy Truck X-ACT FIT A/C Controller was designed to fit directly into the OEM location with ZERO modification. Just plug-n-play. One of the best feature with our 1967-72 Chevy Truck X-ACT FIT air conditioning control head uses three knobs for mode features (dash, floor, defrost) another for temperature settings (hot, cold, and everything in between) and an infinite speed blower motor knob. The 1967-72 Chevy Truck X-ACT FIT A/C Controller gives you that stock look with modern technology.

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