This is the A/C Controller you’ve always wanted!


If you are a custom car builder or just building your hotrod in the garage having limitations with your build sucks. Not having your vision come to life is the nightmare all real builders fear. This does not need to be the case when choosing A/C for your vehicle. Restomod Air the leader in custom aftermarket a/c systems is always thinking of the builder in mind. That is why they constantly improve upon their products and keep pushing forward in design and technology.  If you are limited on dash space or just want modern technology in your a/c system you need to check out the Quantum PODS a/c controller. This a/c controller is really compact. With individual fan, mode, temp knobs, measuring 1.88” each you can mount in your dash any way you want. You need this.



Here is the best part of the whole controller. You do not have to mount these control knob together. You really can mount the Quantum PODS in what ever configuration you desire. You honestly can mount 1 on the left of your steering wheel and 2 on the right. Mount them vertical, horizontal, triangle hell in any configuration you can think of. Restomod Air created these Quantum PODS for the builder that just doesn’t have a lot of room for a conventional controller and in the process they designed one of the most kick ass controllers we have ever seen.


No one else in the aftermarket world comes close to their level. Restomod Air is all about Ultimate Style Killer Performance and that shines through in each product they design, manufacture and send out the door. With an all-aluminum construction and LED-backlit, this controller is as sturdy as it is easy to adjust. This Quantum POD controller has an unique backlit glow that you don’t find anywhere else. With a built-in diffuser, you get just the right amount of LED glow all the time. Perfect for the builder that does not want direct LED light. POD controllers allow for custom backlit options of WHITE, RED, GREEN, CYAN, BLUE and now YELLOW. The LED glow is pretty cool allowing you to color match your interior or to provide a killer glow for night driving. This controller truly gives you everything you could want.

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