True Thermal and Sound Deadening Material

Membrane is a true fortification between your vehicle’s cabin and the outside world. Not an-add-on “liner” to place on your vehicle’s body to muffle “hush” noise or rattle. Restomod Air Membrane is the only product on the market designed specifically for the car builder in mind. Searching for a sound dampening material for your vehicle can be an afterthought. Most builders don’t even realize that thermal protection is just as important as blocking out sound. Restomod Air Membrane is a 2 in 1 product. Because Membrane keeps the noise and heat out of your vehicle in one simple application.

Membrane is simple to install. All you need are scissors or x-act-o knife. Cut, peel and stick to a clean surface. There is no need for protective gloves or masks for fumes.

Top SEMA builders realize that they have not been getting total protection for their vehicles for years. Restomod Air has changed that with Membrane. And Membrane is the only true thermal and sound deadening material with style. Nothing else on the market does all this. And if you combine it with A Restomod Air system your ride will cool easier and faster. Don’t be fooled by imitation Membrane like products out there. Look for the red pattern design for your true thermal and sound deadening protection.

Check out what real builders think of Membrane here.

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