Undeniable Performance

As everyone knows Restomod Air has undeniable performance in A/C but did you know we also have the best heating ability in the aftermarket? All of our A/C units come with separate coils and are larger than anyone else. Our coils are engineered with carefully sized, large separate A/C and Heat coils. The separate coils improve the cooling and heating capacity of the total system. What does that mean? It means that you get the temperatures you desire faster. Faster heat transfers and faster cooldowns. With infinite blend between dash, floor, defrost modes there is no comparison to our systems.

Trouble-Free Service

Our coils are made with copper tubing for durability a Restomod Air system will give you years of trouble-free service. Designed with a preset thermostat there are no user adjustments needed like those old systems. You get the temperatures you desired easily. To push the airflow through the system Restomod Air uses only the best SPAL variable speed fans. These SPAL fans are the best in the industry.

Restomod Air has Direct Pass Airflow Technology to give greater airflow through the system. We do not use “trap doors” in our systems. Designed with larger door openings to maximize airflow and using the exclusive Direct Pass technology a Restomod Air system you will gain a greater volume of unobstructed airflow. While others use technology engineered in the 1980’s our state if the art all-electric servo motors control the direction of airflow using 21st-century technology.


Bluetooth Enabled

Being Bluetooth enabled you can wirelessly control your vehicle’s climate, check diagnostics, and customize your look form any mobile device. Do you not have dash space to mount one of our awesome controllers? No problem, our Switch App allows you to control any Restomod Air S-Series system from your mobile device.

No other a/c manufacturer has infused Bluetooth technology into their systems like Restomod Air. What exactly does this mean for you? It means with every Restomod Air a/c system you will have the most advanced technology all the time. Your Restomod Air a/c system will evolve with every update and never will you have an outdated a/c system again. Every time there is a NEW feature created or improvement implemented your system will have it. Every user will have the ability to control their a/c system with their mobile device. With our most ambitious electronics ever created, you are now able to self-diagnose and troubleshoot your a/c system

You will never have obsolete technology with the S-Series wiring system. Every time there is an update on a feature you can have it that day. Why wait? No shipping out anything just simply download. This technology underwent rigorous testing to become the new standard in engineering and design at Restomod Air, welcome to the next level.


Remote Control

And if you want a controller in your vehicle but not in-dash or on your phone, we have a Remote Control that is the size of a key fob. Purposely sculpted to ergonomically fit into the palm of your hand Restomod Air’s Remote control is the next big thing. This smooth to the touch all encapsulated remote was constructed for the builder that does not desire to cut holes in their dash for an a/c controller. With this remote controller no need to Fab up anything, no need to cut holes in your dash, no wires to deal with.

Restomod Air’s remote controller is perfect for the builder always trying to find a spot to hide a/c controls. With a minimalistic design the Remote-Control fits easily in your pocket. Restomod Air puts the control back in the hands of the use.


Ultimate Style. Killer Performance.

There really is no excuse to not have a Restomod Air System in your vehicle. We have everything you could possibly want in an A/C kit and much more. We are custom. Restomod Air is Ultimate Style. Killer Performance.

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