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Vapir III A/C Kit for the best Street Rod Builds

Compact Custom Air Conditioning Kit

As anyone that has ever build an elite street rod can tell you one of the most difficult things is gathering all the components you need for your build from trusted sources. There are a lot of knock-offs out there and knowing which is what is important. You always get what you pay for and that’s so true when building your Restomod. One company out there that is a trusted name in the industry is Restomod Air. High-end builders to everyday builders use Restomod Air for their A/C needs.

One of the best Kits on the market is Restomod Air’s Vapir III designed for the best street rod builds or anywhere a small and powerful system is needed. The Vapir III is compact but don’t let the small size fool you; this unit packs a ton of performance into that small space. This might possibly be the most efficiently designed evaporator ever. Measuring at 21 inches long, 8 inches deep, and only 11 tall the Vapir III has the highest quality interior doors and largest bearing surface for no door motors bushings. Restomod Air uses SPAL brand variable speed fan for best air output in the industry, hands down. With Larger and separate coils, the Vapir III has Faster and more thorough Heat Transfer, Faster Cool-downs. And with a preset thermostat for the coldest temperatures always with no user adjustment needed this Vapir III is a winner.

Restomod Air made this system totally serviceable. The unobstructed airflow case design allows for replacement parts if ever needed. The Vapir III is also designed for upgrades. So when new technology becomes available, it’s plug-n-play! Never obsolete, ever. That’s always a good thing. Paying the quality price is definitely worth it for the tough ABS case to state of the art servo motors.

Street Rod Builders know

Pro street rid builders will tell you design is everything in a build. Restomod Air totally agrees. Now with a new distribution duct design to give you independent adjustability between dash, defrost and floor modes. Restomod Air’s Vapir III is the most up to date in technology. Slightly larger than the Vapir II A/C system, but has more controllability. Restomod Air added new mounting features to make the installation of this custom A/C system even easier to mount into your vehicle.

Some competitors market small street rod type units that contain only one coil or known as a common block coil. The overall size of the coil is compromised by circuiting heater tubes and A/C tubes into one coil, therefore creating less surface area to cool the air as it passes through the coil for less cooling capacity. Remember, smaller is never better when it comes to coil/case size! Size matters. Restomod Air never does this.

products VAPIR 3 FRONT

Uncompromised Quality

Restomod Air has perfected the multi-mount system, which allows you to keep a perfectly smoothed firewall with no unsightly bolt heads. Fabricating brackets is not needed with our multi-mount system. Simply use the included template, mark firewall, and weld studs or drill and use the included stainless Hex head bolts. Mounting a Restomod Air system is easy than ever.

Restomod Air’s excellent reputation for uncompromised quality, component selection and attention to detail is evident in all aspects of their product line! Every component was chosen on its superior design and quality rather than a low cost.

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