The Variable Air Controller or V.A.C. allows you to create adjustable air conditioning zones in your vehicle with the turn of a knob. You can control the amount of airflow by having an INVent controller or remote control to adjust the intensity of airflow to each vent. You now have complete control in the balance of airflow in your vehicle.

Fully electronic servo motor driven the Variable Air  Controller allows you to adjust the volume of airflow from each vent independently from a centralized location. Since it is fully electronic you can allow for exact increments of airflow to your desired level through or completely shut the vent off. It is up to you. You have full control!

Why would you need this? Does your wife ever tell you she is cold? Do you ever have the need to turn down the airflow to the passenger side? Or shut off a/c vents to the back seat? Maybe you want to blend the airflow volume to one side of the cab. All of these things you can do with the Variable Air Controller.


How it works

The Variable Air Controller works by the valve opening and closing. Installation is simple. Attach it to one end of ducting coming from your Restomod Air evaporator and one end coming from your Restomod Air a/c vent. The Variable Air Controller has four 8/32 holes so you can attach a bracket for mounting.

How many Variable Air Controllers do you need? That’s up to you, but you only need one for each a/c vent you want to control.

The V.A.C. works with all Restomod Air systems!


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